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Prof Sampathkumar, E.

3. Generalized complements of a graph. (with Pushpa Latha, L. , Venkatachalam, C. V. , Bhat, Pradeep) Indian J. Pure Appl. Math. 29 (1998) 625-639 05C75 4.

Lepovi c, Mirko

MR1997609 (2004f:05109) 05C50 (05C75) Borovi´ canin, Bojana (YU-KRAS) Line graphs with exactly two positive eigenvalues. (English summary) Publ. Inst. Math. (Beograd) (N.S.) 72(86) (2002), 39 - 47.

Zentralblatt MATH Database 1931 – 2012

Keywords : zero-divisor graph; complete multipartite graph; clique number; girth Classification : ∗13A15 Ideals; multiplicative ideal theory 05C75 Structural characterization of types of graphs


Mathematics Subject Classification 2000 : 03E72, 03G10, 05C75. 1. Introduction In crisp graphs the concept of internally stable sets, denoted Int(R) , and externally stable sets, denoted Ext(R) of a given graph G = (X, R) has occupied a particular importance.

Operations on Well-Covered Graphs and the Roller-Coaster ...

Operations on Well-Covered Graphs and the Roller-Coaster Conjecture Philip Matchett Emmanuel College Cambridge CB23AP ENGLAND pmatchet@d.umn.edu Submitted: Feb 29,2004; Accepted: Jun 15,2004; Published: Jul 1,2004 MRSubject Classifications: 05C69,05C75 Abstract Ag rap h G is well-covered if ...

Minimal Claw-Free Graphs

MSC 2000: 05C75,05C07 Keywords: minimal claw-free, degree, bow-tie, line graph * Support by the South African National Research Foundation is gratefully acknowl-edged. 1

Graphs with Given Degree Sequence and Maximal Spectral Radius

... biyikoglu@isikun.edu. tr Josef Leydold Department of Statistics and Mathematics University of Economics and Business Administration Augasse2-6, A-1090 Wien, Austria josef.leydold@wu-wien.ac.at Submitted: Jul 6,2007; Accepted: Sep 7,2008; Published: Sep 15,2008 Mathematics Subject Classication: 05C35,05C75 ...


We survey various 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary: 05C78; Secondary: 05C75. Keywords and phrases. Graceful, Graceful Tree Conjecture, graph labelling. 5

TheStructureandFunctionof ComplexNetworks

AMSsubjectclassifications. 05C75,05C90,94C15 PII. S0036144503424804 Contents. 1 Introduction 168 1.1 TypesofNetworks .....171

Notes on the ideal-based zero-divisor graph

AMS Subject Classi cation: 13A05, 05C75 Key Words and Phrases: Ideal-based zero-divisor graph, Primal ideal 1. Introduction The idea of associating a graph with the zero-divisors of a commutative ring was