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Process controller Product Specification

Single Loop/Ratio/Dual Loop Cascade, Override control or Manual Station Analogue or incremental raise/lower (VP) output Autotune standard DIN 43700 standard (72mm × 144mm), IP65/NEMA 4 front panel Universal, isolated I/O, TC, RTD, high level with transmitter PSU MODBUS communications Fieldbus ...

timber cladding

BB1 144mm x 18mm BB2 144mm x 18mm BB3 144mm x 18mm BB4 94mm x 18mm BB8 144mm x 18mm BB9 144mm x 18mm BB6 144mm x 18mm BB10 144mm x 18mm BB5 94mm x 14mm BB7 94mm x 12mm

Electrak grommet

144mm Quick Fit Grommet - EG0010 Cleaner's Grommet - EG0020 Follow installation instructions A and B opposite 24 floor grommet (144mm ø) features... ■ Quick fit installation from floor tile fixing to cable deployment ■ The grommet can be simply secured by pushing down the spring-loaded ...


... 6 Lbs Battery Life: 1,000 charges_ no memory (3 yr. life expectancy) Battery Charger: Use only Soundog 4.0 certifi ed chargers to avoid damage Housing: Black High Impact Polycarbonate Labels: Soundog standard logo PVC industrial strength (custom labels and wraps available) Dimensions: 130mm W x 144mm H ...

Resin Trophies

Performing Arts. Please Note: Centres & Plates not include in prices RES447C 106mm RES447B 88mm RES447A 75mm RES442 144mm RES443 144mm RES444 144mm RES445 144mm RES440 175mm RES332814 125mm RES332815 144mm RES332761 168mm Resin Trophies Pent a nqu e Performing Arts 29


MB16 48 x 48mm 51.20 MA16 48 x 48mm 35.24 MA17 72 x 72mm 32.80 MA19 96 x 96mm 33.69 MA12 144 x 144mm 42.11 MB16 48 x 48mm 52.75 MA16 48 x 48mm 37.90 MA17 72 x 72mm 35.46 MA19 96 x 96mm 36.57 MA12 144 x 144mm 44.32 MA17P 72 x 72mm 41.00 MA19P 96 x 96mm 42.11 MA12P 144 x 144mm 48.09 MA1 72 x 24mm 55.85 MA2 96 x 24mm 57.40 BA27 72 x 72mm, x/1A ...


3.0m x 144mm x 32mm 3.6m x 144mm x 32mm . 4.2m x 144mm x 32mm 4.8m x 144mm x 32mm . 5.4m x 144mm x 32mm Decking Boards

Spokes complete catalogue 2010

CC Spokes CC Spoke Sets All spoke sets are made of stainless steel and pre-stretched to 1000 Nm for maximum strength. The nipples are made of nickel plated steel and are included in the spoke sets.

Cloth Duct Tapes

6" (144mm) 8 12" (288mm) 4 49" (1250mm) LOG 49" (1250mm) 2 same color 49" (1250mm) x 500M (547 yd) JUMBO 2" (48mm) 36 1/2" (12mm) 96 3/4" (18mm) 64

Centrifugal Fan Teaching Trainer

HVCB-C1TP. 144mm. duct with one static pressure taking. HVCB-CTPP. 94mm. duct and pressure taking with Pitot. HVCB-CTPG. 144mm. duct and pressure taking with Pitot.