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Graphic Standards Manual and 2010-2011 Branding Campaign ...

The Edison State College logotype when printed must be in its four-color version (PMS 2945, PMS 151, PMS 166 and PMS 116); one-color version (Blue PMS 2945); or one-color black. Coated Stock Colors PMS 2945c PMS 151c PMS 166c PMS 116c 4

Powder CoatingsWithout Limits

cover up. For projects that require the durability of powder, but cannot withstand a high baking temperature, we suggest a liquid polyurethane paint.

University of Delaware Office of Communications and Marketing ...

Delaware Blue (pms 2945c) See vinyl color equivalent chart Reflective Reflective Delaware Yellow (pms 109c) Delaware Blue (pms 2945c) Delaware White

Pantone Color Table - PMS

2935c 294c 2945c 295c 2955c 296c 2965c 297c 2975c 298c 2985c 299c 2995c 300c 3005c 301c 3015c 302c 3025c 303c 3035c 304c 305c 306c 307c 308c 309c 310c 12/32 http://www.leage.cn/Service-center/pantone-color-table.html LEAGE NONWOVEN PRODUCTS CO., LTD.

PANTONE Solid Coated

PANTONE Solid Coated 3 Built by Rich Apollo to be freely distributed 12/2006 PANTONE 287 C PANTONE 251 C PANTONE 252 CPANTONE Purple C 2PANTONE 253 C PANTONE 254 C PANTONE 255 C PANTONE 256 C PANTONE 257 C PANTONE 258 C PANTONE 259 C PANTONE 260 C PANTONE 2563 C PANTONE 2622 C PANTONE 2612 C ...

intermediate Vinyls

... Matte Black MATB 4625C Brown BN 155C Beige BEIGE 215C Pink P 485C Light Red LR 187C Dark Red DKR Color Name# 7421C Burgundy BUR 1655CBright OrangeBRO 1235CSunflower YellowSUNF 102C Lemon Yellow LEMY 361C Grass Green GRASGN 355C Bright Green BRGN 3415C Medium GreenMEDGN 343C Dark Green DKGN 7474C Teal T 7461C Light Blue LBL 2945C ...

BLACK (PMS Pro. Black)

... pms 422c) dark grey (pms 432c) red (pms 186c) yellow (pms 113u) teal (pms 320u) burgundy (pms 209c) taupe (pms 7528c) metallic silver (pms 877c) standard ada braille / interior sign background colors red (pms 186c) burgundy (pms 202c) light grey (pms 400c) dark grey (pms 432c) dark green (pms 3435c) light blue (pms 2945c) dark ...


... cast 7 yr vinylbottle green 3302c 9075fy ultra cast 7 yr vinylbermuda blue 3155c k-cast 7 yr vinyl pms # coated 9602fy k-cast 7 yr vinylblack black6c 9604fy k-cast 7 yr vinylwhite 7541c 9611fy k-cast 7 yr vinylgold metallic 4505c 9612fy k-cast 7 yr vinylsilver metallic 443c 9618fy k-cast 7 yr vinylvivid blue 2945c ...

Pantone Colors for Union Ink Standards

Rose Magenta 255C Lite Pink 176C Purple 2685C Lilac 2563C Violet 2695C Brite Blue 2925C Columbia Blue 646C Mono Blue 2945C Royal Blue 661C


ATP ® MAINTENANCE LIBRARIES PMS 2945C black white Turn Your Maintenance Library into a Customer Service Advantage With an ATP ® Maintenance Library Service, you save the time and effort of having to contact every manufacturer, order every