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MIL-DTL-64159 30 January 2002

The color Green 383, 34094 shall meet the spectral reflectance limits specified in table III and in figure 1. Aircraft Gray 36300 and Aircraft Green 34031 shall match color chips furnished by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, ATTN: AMSRL-WM-MA, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5069, and these ...

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3 46 Project ProBase • Transportation Technologies 3 H AVE YOU EVER PURCHASED a bag of potato chips only to get home and realize that there are more crumbs than chips?

Ferro -Background on Military Applications

•Pigments used to match Federal Standard Specs MUST be chosen for Stability, Compatibility & IR Specifications of the final system. • IR Requirements should be obtained from the appropriate specification. • Example -Fed Std Color Chip 34094 contains » Rutile Titanium Dioxide » PhthalocyanineBlue ...


COLOUR Green 383, Chip #34094 Tan 686A, Chip #33446 White, Chip #17925 Seafoam Green, Chip #24533 Black, Chip #37030 Other:_____ TESTING

Re: PROJECT NUMBER R2005-03784-(2)

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MIL-DTL-64159A 3 March 2010 SUPERSEDING MIL-DTL-6415

Full QPD testing/color qualified QPD extension test program/additional colors to which approval is extended Green 383, 34094 Dark Green, 34082; Olive Drab, 34088; Field Drab, 33105 IRR Foliage Green 504, 34160-Tan 686A, 33446 Earth Yellow, 33245; Dark Sandstone, 33510; Sand, 33303; Tan, 33531 Woodland Desert ...


Page 1 of 7 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Date Issued: 2/12/2009 MSDS No: 152 Revision No: New MSDS MIL-DTL-53039B Ty. I #34094 Flat Green Polyurethane PRODUCT NAME: MIL-DTL-53039B Ty.


carc, green 383, 34094 manufacturer’s name emergency telephone no. the sherwin−williams co. (216) 566−2917

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Document Number: 34094 For tec hnical questions, contact: magnetics@vishay.com www.vishay.com Revision: 24-Feb-11 1 High Current, Surface Mount Inductors

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