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Office Communication Server 2007 R2 Integration Description

Aastra MX-ONE™ V.4 Integration with Microsoft ® OCS 2007 R2 Quick Setup Guide Aastra Telecom Sweden AB SE-126 37 Hägersten, Sweden www.aastra.com Doc. Nr. ASE/MXO/PLM/ 0123/EN Rev.C

Meridian®5316 Business Set with Display and Hands- free ...

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9133i SIP UserGuide.book

SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT Aastra Telecom Inc., hereinafter known as "Seller", grants to Customer a personal, worldwide, non-transferable, non-sublicenseable and non-exclusive, restricted use license to use Software in object form solely with the Equipment for which the Software was intended.

Aastra Contact Management Application Suite

-3-Contact is business All callers, whether they are customers, business partners or vendors, expect to receive accurate information in a split second.

Product Offer at Launch

Product Offer at Launch Doc. No. EAB-08:063390 Uen Rev. A, Date: 03.10.2008 2/31 Aastra MX-ONE™ Version 3.2 - Maximizing Business Communication We are proud to launch the latest enhancements to Aastra MX-ONE™ communication platform, the Aastra MX-ONE™ Version 3.2 , which offers companies ...

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stand The power adaptor is 16 VAC, 250mA – please see the ...

product, at Aastra Telecom's option, for a fixed charge. You are responsible for all shipping charges. For further information and shipping instructions;

MD Evolution - Dialog 4425

Settings CallListF PhoneBookWAP Services AASTRA // Loading software … Settings CallListF PhoneBookWAP Services AASTRA // A new version of the application software is available on the server, update?

Aastra 6731i Quick Reference Guide

Basic Phone Features Make a Call 1. Lift the handset, press a Line Appearance key or Handsfree key. 2. Dial the number from the keypad. Answering a Call For handsfree operation, press the Handsfree key or line/call appearance button for the incoming call.


Democratising full IP communication Today the IP telephony market has reached a two-digit growth rate and has outgrown traditional solutions. The first phase of migration to Voice over IP (VoIP 1.0) was characterised by the use of mainly proprietary solutions, without major impact on existing ...