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Digestive System & Abdominopelvic Cavity I. The Digestive System

Digestive System & Abdominopelvic Cavity I. The Digestive System The digestive system can be functionally divided into two primary sets of organs or organ systems which occupy the largest part of the ventral body cavity, the abdominopelvic cavity.

Abdominopelvic Cavity; Peritoneum; Stomach; Spleen

Abdominopelvic Cavity; Peritoneum; Stomach; Spleen November 14, 2003 Dr. Davies mentioned that it was helpful to look at cross sections of the abdominal cavity to understand the relationship of organs to one another.

Management of Abdominopelvic Sarcoma

7 Management of Abdominopelvic Sarcoma Paul H. Sugarbaker OVERVIEW The principles of management of all sarcomas that involve the abdominal and pelvic cavity are presented.

Chapter 1 Introductory Anatomical Terminology and ...

Table 1-3Location of Organs in the Abdominopelvic Region Abdominopelvic Organ Description of Location Liver The biggest part (the rounded part called the fundus) is located on the right side of the body, inferior to the diaphragm muscle.

Abdominopelvic Actinomycosis Involving the Gastrointestinal ...

In-Jae Lee, MD 2 Hyun KwonHa, MD Chul MinPark, MD Jeong KonKim, MD Jung HoonKim, MD Tae KyungKim, MD Jin CheonKim, MD Kyoung SikCho, MD Yong HoAuh, MD 3 Index terms: Abdomen, CT, 70.12112,75.12112, 80.12112 Abdomen, infection, 70.2044, 80.2044 Actinomycosis, 70.2044,80.2044 Colon, diseases, 75 ...


Organs in the abdominopelvic cavity are located by using superficial landmarks. To simplify this task, the abdominopelvic cavity is divided into quadrants or regions .

Human Anatomy & Physiology I - All Sections

 Be able to identify the abdominopelvic quadrants and regions on a torso model.  Be able to identify the correct body systems and organs on the models or diagrams.

Location of Abdominopelvic Organs

FOR ROD FOR ROD. Location of Abdominopelvic Organs Right upper quadrant Left upper quadrant Right lower quadrant Left lower quadrant Midline Esophagus Stomach (2) Duodenum (2) Cecum Appendix Ascending colon (2) Transverse colon (2) Descending colon (2) Sigmoid colon Rectum Liver (2) Gallbladder ...

Digestive System Chapter 24

24-1 Digestive System Chapter 24 Peritoneum FIGURE 24.5 1. Recall that the abdominopelvic cavity is lined with a serous membrane called the peritoneum .

1: The Human Body: An Orientation

main subdivisions: the thoracic cavity and the abdominopelvic cavity. a. The thoracic cavity is a superior division of the ventral cavity that is further