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2-Step QRT-PCR Protocol

© ABgene 2003: 2-step-QRT-PCR.doc 2-Step QRT-PCR Protocol Method for use with: • Reverse- iT™ RTase Blend (AB-0914) or • Reverse -iT™ 1st Strand Synthesis Kit (AB-0789) PREPARATION ABgene ® recommend pre-treating RNA samples with RNase-free recombinant DNase I (AB-1154) prior to QRT ...

User's Guide

ABgene accept no responsibility for any damage incurred during return shipping unless the unit is packed in the same packaging as it was delivered.

Polypropylene Plate Storage System

The ABgene Automated Laboratory Plate Sealer (ALPS-100) is designed to heat-seal microplates manually or robotically. Corning offers a wide variety of storage products that are compatible with the ABgene heat sealer.


Labortory Products Group Liquid Handling Consumables The world leader in serving science IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT THERMO SCIENTIFIC ABGENE PRODUCTS To our customers: On February 4th, 2008, ABgene sample storage tube, seals and instrument products were transferred to our Liquid Handling business unit.

Corning® ClearPro™ 96 Well Polypropylene Microplates

ABgene Piercable Tape (AB-0798) moisture exchange during 28 days in a nitrogen sweep box. Corning ClearPro 96 Well Microplate Ordering Information Cat. No. Description Sterile Qty/Pk Qty/Cs 3371 96 Well Corning ClearPro polypropylene microplate No 25 100 For additional product and application ...

Thermo Scientific ABgene PCR Plastics Selection Guide

Human DNA 1 Endo-toxins RNase DNase PCR plastics are the same regardless of where you buy them Right? 1 www.thermo.com/ pcrplastics Many steps lead up to and follow your PCR analysis; protect your entire workflow by choosing the most reliable PCR plastics available.

Thermo Scientific ALPS™ 25 Manual Heat Sealer

Product Specifications Thermo Scientific ALPS ™ 25 Manual Heat Sealer Sealing Flexibility. The Thermo Scientific ALPS 25 manual heat sealer is compatible with virtually any height microplate or block, including PCR plates.

ABsolute™ Verso™ 1-Step Kit

+44 (0)1372 723456 +44 (0)1372 741414 fax Epsom, Surrey KT19 9AP ABgene House Blenheim Road ABgene ® Ltd www.thermo.com For Research Purposes Only © 2007 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc AB-1454 / v6 / 1107 Verso™ 1-Step RT-PCR Kit Description Verso™ 1-Step RT-PCR Kit supplies in only two ...

Thermo Scientific Abgene® SmartCap Mat

Thermo Scientific Abgene ® SmartCap Mat Efficient Storage. The Thermo Scientific Abgene SmartCap Mat seals 96 samples at one time in a high-density storage format, affording maximum space saving benefits.

Phylogeography, genetic structure, and diversity in the dhole ...

(ABgene), 2.5 m m MgCl 2 , 24 µ g BSA, 200 µ m each dNTP, 200 n m each primer and 0.5 U Taq DNA polymerase (ABgene). Amplification conditions were as follows: initial