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Managing Aboriginal Lands and Culture

To the younger generations who are taking their place, and to those people who helped them do it. Viv Sinnamon Kowanyama Aboriginal Land & Natural Resources Management Offi ce Richard O'Brien & Clare Munnelly Westpac Banking Corporation Ken Kerr Cape York Business Development Dedicated to those ...

Aboriginal Spirituality.

Aboriginal Spirituality. *The Nature of Aboriginal Spirituality: an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is a person: of Aboriginal descent who identifies self as an Aboriginal accepted by the Indigenous community by which he/she lives physical appearance and lifestyle are irrelevant in this ...

Aboriginal watercraft depictions in Western Australia

1 Aboriginal watercraft depictions in Western Australia Rock painting of a canoe from the Kimberley (Photo: Marco Del Grande, appearing in Leech 1998) Nicolas Bigourdan

aboriginal YoutH fact SHeet on HiV anD aiDS

page 1 www.aboriginalaidsawareness.com www.caan.ca Social Determinant S of HealtH The experiences of Aboriginal youth with the following can impact their risk of contracting and transmitting HIV: Poverty, Homelessness & Housing, Injection Drug Use, Access to healthcare services, Unresolved ...

Traditional Aboriginal Law and Punishment

84 Law Reform Commission of Western Australia - Aboriginal Customary Laws Discussion Paper Due to the diversity of Aboriginal people in Western Australia and the secret nature of certain aspects of customary law, it is impossible to comprehensively identify all traditional offences, punishments ...

Aboriginal Ben efits Foundation

Supporting project sin Ab original Communities Aboriginal Ben efits Foundation Ltd. News Letter ISSUE #1AUGUST2010 Welcometoallthe friendsand supportersoftheAboriginalBenefitsFoundationoverour firstfewyears.


Acknowledgements The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (CPAPC) partnered with United Way of Winnipeg to commission AMR Planning and Consulting (AMR) to produce this research paper.

Aboriginal Health in Australia: Some Historical Observations ...

3 new doctor 77, Winter 2002 1. Background: The National Aboriginal Health Strategy The National Aboriginal Health Strategy was developed in 1989 and subsequently endorsed by Australian governments in 1990.

C.D. Howe Institute

BACKGROUNDER C.D. Howe Institute Closing the Aboriginal/ non-Aboriginal Education Gaps John Richards In this issue... Gaps in education levels between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals are a great social policy challenge for Canada.

Working with Aboriginal Communities - A Guide to Community ...

Foreword Consultation with Aboriginal communities is essential in the development of meaningful Aboriginal perspectives and studies across the curriculum.