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1 Introduction to Categories and Categorical Logic - Samson ...

1 Introduction to Categories and Categorical Logic Samson Abramsky and Nikos Tzevelekos Oxford University Computing Laboratory Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD, U.K.

Abramsky, et al. v. Alstom S.A., et al. 03-CV-06595-U.S ...

US District Court Civil Docket as of 06/15/2007 Retrieved from the court on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 U.S. District Court Southern District of New York (Foley Square) CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:03-cv-06595-VM Abramsky, et al v.

Corporate Profile 2010

Group Overview Brookfield Financial is a global investment banking company that provides strategic and financial advisory, procurement and development management, debt and equity arranging, M&Aadvisoryand investment brokerage services.

Samson Abramsky and Bob Coecke

CATEGORICAL QUANTUM MECHANICS Samson Abramsky and Bob Coecke 1 INTRODUCTION Our aim is to revisit the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics froma novel point of view.

Jacob Wrestles the Angel: A Study in Psychoanalytic Midrash

International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 112 Abramsky Jacob Wrestles the Angel: A Study in Psychoanalytic Midrash Michael Abramsky Institutional Affiliation Location This essay is a study in psychoanalytic Midrash: a literary and psychological meditation on the Biblical story of Jacob.

Full Abstraction for PCF

Full Abstraction for PCF 1 Samson.Abramsky 2 University of Edinburgh and Radha Jagadeesan 3 Loyola University Chicago and Pasquale Malacaria 4 Queen Mary and Westfield College An intensional model for the programming language PCF is described,

A Corrections Quandary: Mental Illness and Prison Rules

Abramsky & Fellner, supra note 3, at 151 (citing Hans Toch, Men in Crisis: Human Breakdown in Prison (1975)). In addition, "individuals whose internal emotional life is chaotic and impulse-ridden, and individuals with central nervous system dysfunction," are particularly unable to handle supermax ...

Domain Theory

Domain Theory Corrected and expanded version Samson Abramsk y1 and Achim Jung 2 This text is based on the chapter Domain Theory in the Handbook of Logic in Com-puterScience , volume 3, edited by S. Abramsky, Dov M. Gabbay, and T. S. E. Maibaum, published by Clarendon Press, Oxford in 1994.

PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS, VOL. 17:4: 363-368 (1997) - L. AND J. CHAPPLE

47,xxy (klinefelter syndrome) and 47,xyy:estimated rates of and indica tion for postnatal diagnosis with implications for prenatal counselling; 128k; prenatal diagnosis, vol. 17:4:363-368 (1997); l abramsky and j. chapple

Biographical Sketches

Elected Members Toby Abramsky B.A.'79 (UofT). VP Keystone Property Management Inc. Honoured recipient of 2009 Ontario Volunteer Service Award. Past recipient of Kingston Livable City Design and Frontenac Historic Foundation Awards for preservation of local Architectural Heritage.