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Can the Past Be Infinite

My goal in this paper is to examine the resulting purported "counter-intuitive absurdities" that arise out of the supposition of an actual infinity of physical objects, and to show (a) that if one accepts the validity of the actually infinite in the mathematical realm there is little room left for ...

Could God's purpose be the source of life's meaning?

In the next three sections, my task will be to find versions which do not entail the logical absurdities which have been attributed to purpose theory.

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See Applications, clinical, gifted U. S. Census, 12, 99 UNIT (Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test), 105, 185 Validity, 12, 14, 107-110 Concurrent validity, 12, 14, 108 Construct validity, 12, 14-15, 107-110 Factorial ( see Factor analysis) Verbal absurdities.

University of St. Francis to play „Earnest‟ Oct. 8-10

Poking fun at the absurdities of late Victorian society, this witty satire has tickled audiences of all ages since its premiere in 1895. In the university's production, Ryan Bennett, of Morris, and Marty Kaspar, of Plainfield, play the two bachelors who call themselves Ernest.

The presence of these paradoxes, or contradictions thus make ...

The Prasangika Madhyamika Buddhist demonstrate, that all our concepts, all our categories, all our ideas, all theses, all antitheses, all philosophies, all epistemologies, all ethics, all ontologies, and all metaphysics, in other words all our views are meaningless as they collapse into absurdities ...

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The Absurdities B Test measures the ability to notice absurdities in visual material. It is intended to measure the evaluation of figural systems and figural implications, in contrast to the evaluation of figural information as in Absurdities A.

Full and Individual Evaluation

Assessment Date: 6/28/2007 Assessment Components Language Percentile Standard Score Antonyms English 17 86 Associations English 4 75 Definitions English 26 90 Multiple Definitions English 45 99 Semantic Absurdities English 14 82 Synonyms English 33 95 Total Score English 15 85 Results/Interpretations: Amy scored in the ...

Qualitative Sociology Review

With the help of the character Mersault and the fictive narrative Camus has constructed I want to unfold the absurdities involved in becoming mentally ill and, more accurate, what these absurdities may be.

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. . . from the Board: As we begin 2011, we're looking forward to the changes a new year brings." Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can.

Point On the meaning of “sensitivity”

able, that it leads to many absurdities and confusion, and that its retention would effectively exclude the term from the scientific lexicon, leading (as has been claimed to be a