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January 2006 Dear Californian: Welcome to the official source of laws relating to notaries public in California. You have demonstrated an interest in becoming part of a growing profession of more than 260,000 public officials who perform invaluable services to the legal, business, financial, and ...


STATEMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT. OMB No.: 9000-0014 Expires: 6/30/2014. Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 30 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions,

Acknowledgment of reviewers

760 Dr. G.R. Abbe Dr. Pere Abello Mr. Douglas H. Adams Dr. Vera N. Agostini Dr. Juergen Alheit Dr. Robert J. Allman Mr. Michael D. Arendt Dr. Alexander I. Arkhipkin Dr. David A. Armstrong Dr. Colin Attwood Ms. Larisa Avens Mr. M. Scott Baker Jr. Dr. Donald M. Baltz Dr. A. Banner Dr. Jay Barlow ...


xxxix FOREWORD AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This report reviews the biological effects of chemical warfare agents and biological toxins that are of interest because of their possible presence in the Persian Gulf theater of war and because of later concern about their role in illnesses in Gulf War veterans.

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Give Us Some Credit! Acknowledgemen t Requirements and a Promotional Toolkit for MCACA Minigrant Recipients Congratulations on the receipt of your minigrant award!


xxiii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We gratefully acknowledge the steadfast support we received from our study points of contact, Captain Dean Adkins (AF/XOII) and Major Jackson Harris (AF/XOCI) at the Air Staff and Lieutenant Colonel George Caragianis (C2RS) at the Aerospace C2 & ISR Center (AC2ISRC).

California All-Purpose Acknowledgement

California All-Purpose Acknowledgement State of California County of _____ On _____ before me, _____, Name & Title of Officer personally appeared _____ ...


xvii Acknowledgments I wish to thank the following people for their efforts in coordinating the study: Mr. Andrus Viilu and Mr. Al Soobert at the Office of the Secretary of Defense; and Dr. Herb Fallin, COL Michael Lavine, and Mr. John Ferguson of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the ...

Denial of Paternity

*03PA210E-001* OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Denial of Paternity This is a legal document. Type or print in ink by pressing hard. No cross outs, correction fluid, or alterations allowed.