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Grace Episcopal Cathedral Acolyte Manual

Grace Episcopal Cathedral Acolyte Manual Welcome The ministry of acolyte is a serving ministry of the Church that comes from ancient times. From those days until now acolytes have been faithful and conscientious men, women, boys and girls, who love the Lord Jesus Christ and love serving Him at ...

Christ Church Acolyte Handbook

acolytes (and their phone numbers) is also printed on the schedule. If there is a schedule problem or if plans change (things do come up) the assigned acolytes are responsible for finding a substitute.

Acolyte Guidelines

Liturgical Rubrics Acolytes must say the prescribed prayers before entering the sanctuary, putting on the alb, and when kissing the corners of the holy altar .

Acolyte Information Sheet 2010 -2011

This is one reason why we have the confirmands participate in a leadership role in our worship services as acolytes. Acolytes light the candles in the worship space, assist the pastors in the offering and communion, and lead the congregation in the reading of the Psalm for the worship services.

Being an Acolyte

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being an Acolyte Table of Contents Tradition of Acolytes What is an Acolyte? 1 How did the tradition of Acolytes get started? 1 What do Acolytes do? 2 Acolyte Service Who serves as Acolytes? 2 How long am I to serve and how many times? 2 How will I know ...

The Duties of the Acolyte:

1 The Duties of the Acolyte: Crucifer: Carries the processional cross in the entrance and recessional procession (beginning and end of Mass).  The corpus (body of Christ on the cross) should always face the priest/bishop.  Leads the procession (unless there are 4+ acolytes AND incense is ...


THE MINISTRY OF ACOLYTES by the Rt. Rev. Paul C. Hewett, SSC Rector, Church of the Transfiguration, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Since the early days of the Church, God has called men and boys to assist with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in a special way.

Acolyte manual

It is the custom in our church for acolytes to be young boys and girls who are in about the third through fifth grades. However, adults also may serve as acolytes.

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

2 A Prayer for Acolytes: O God, our gracious Father: Bless the Servers of your church that they may so serve before your earthly altar in reverence and holiness, that they may attain, with all your saints and angels, the joy of serving you and worshipping you before your Heavenly Altar, through ...

On Being an Acolyte: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

On Being an Acolyte: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Who and What Are Acolytes? You are an acolyte. Acolytes are youth who serve the congregation during worship.