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(a) Actel ACT Logic Module Logic Module Logic Module F=(A ·B ...

ASICs...THE COURSE (1 WEEK) 1 PROGRAMMABLE ASIC LOGIC CELLS 5.1 Actel ACT 5.1.1 ACT 1 Logic Module Key concepts: basic logic cell • multiplexer-based cell • look-up table (LUT) • programmable

Actel Tutorial

T-6 Introduction ModelSim Tutorial Software versions This documentation was written to support Model Sim 5.5d for Microsoft Windows 95/98/ ME/NT/2000.

Results of Actel RTAX-2000S Evaluation Test

Nov. 27-29, 2007 MAFA Meeting Background JAXA has several plans to use Actel RTAX-2000S, which builds a large number of gates. Since the device has never been sufficiently evaluated for space applications.

Getting Started

Getting Started Logic Navigator® System for Actel FPGAs MIPS Technologies, Inc. Copyright © 2004-2006 MIPS Technologies, Inc Page 2 of 41 Copyright (c) 2004-2006 MIPS Technologies, Inc.

Actel A1440 FPGA

- 1 - INTRODUCTION This report describes a construction analysis of the Actel A1440A Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Two devices packaged in a 160-pin Plastic Quad Flat Pack date coded 9424 were received for the analysis.

RS 232 UART Application Note (c) A.L.S.E.

Many very cheap FPGA boards (like the Actel Igloo nano Kit, or the Icicle kit) have such connections. A complete (free) UART D emo on the Actel Igloo nano Kit is available.

Synthesis of multilevel multiplexer circuits for incompletely ...

A simple heuristic is applied to map an M(1) multiplexer circuit to the Actel ACTl family. I. INTRODUCTION EVERAL MULTILEVEL synthesis tools for the min-S imization of logic functions to obtain a low literal count Boolean network have been developed [1]-[6].

Xilinx Synthesis and Simulation Design Guide

10.1 www.xilinx.com 10.1 Xilinx is disclosing this user guide, manual, release note, and/or specification (the "Documentation") to you solely for use in the development of designs to operate with Xilinx hardware devices.

Actel SmartFusion Intelligent Mixed-Signal FPGAs Datasheet

Actel SmartFusion™ Intelligent Mixed-Signal FPGAs Advance 0.3 Revision 0 Table of Contents SmartFusion Device Family Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-1 Introduction ...

Communication Networks and Switching (Web Course)

Communication Networks and Switching (Web Course) Faculty Coordinator(s): 1. Prof. S. L. Maskara Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur 721302, West Bengal Email : mmaskara@ece.iitkgp.ernet.in Telephone : (91-3222) 283 536 ...