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Actuating elements

29 03-0330-0191/A-1 0/10-BCS-200865/ 8 Actuating elements Accessories Selection chart Illustration Order no. Description ComEx flange set 05-0091-0046 for the connection of two ComEx enclosures includes 1 threaded sleeve, 1 lock nut and 1 O-ring Locking device 05-0037-0007 (without padlock) for ...

1 deg Deflection Chart

When the wedge segment is engaged by the actuating bolt, the primary contact edges of each wedge segment lock onto the pipe wall. This action causes the primary contact edges to grip the pipe and effectively restrain all classifications of ductile iron pipe.


When a relay operates to open a "b"contact or to close an "a" contact, we say that it "picks up," and the smallest value of the actuating quantity that will cause such operation, as the quantity is slowly increased from zero, is called the "pickup" value.


A four-lobed cam ring for actuating the injection pumps is attached to the valve cam ring by bolts and nuts with slots for adjustment. The Fuel Pumps The nine individual Guiberson fuel injection pumps used on the engine are flange-mounted around the rear section of the crankcase where they connect with ...


Benefi ts of piezoelectric actuator integration • Increases productivity by enhancing machine tool functionality • Improves surface quality by compensating for structural machine vibration • Enhances workpiece and tool positioning accuracy with a repeating accuracy in the submicron range ...

Mobrey Magnetic Safety Switch Type 30800 MK.4

Operation When the guard is in position the actuating magnet must be located in the 'T' shaped recess of the fixed assembly. The two 'T' shaped magnets will repel each other through the wall of the fixed assembly to activate the SPDT changeover switch with a snap action.

Upper Actuating Link Schematic & Parts Listing

˘˘ˇ ˆ˙˝˛˚˜˛˛˚ˇ !" #$ %#& ’( )* +! UPPER ACTUATING LINK SCHEMATIC & PARTS LISTING Platinum 800+ # DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER PRICE 27 Socket Head Cap Screw PLUS190400 $1.75 47 Button Head Cap Screw DUOM190800 $1.05 48 #10 Star Washer DUOM250500 $0.35 49 Machined Flat ...

Actuating Motor 741

1 of 2 © 2005 D 741 - 05/05 D 741 05/05 - Data Brochure Actuating Motor 741 The Actuating Motor 741 is designed to operate any of the tekmar 3-way and 4-way brass mixing valves from type 710 through to type 724.

Visign from Viega

3 When do you come into contact with perfection? With Visign - every day. Can you reinvent a purely functional produ ct? Yes you can. Viega's "Visign" range of actuating panels is conclusive proof.

6” Megalug 1106 solid ring, widge-action, self-actuating ...

6” Megalug 1106 solid ring, widge-action, self-actuating, mechanical joint restraint, complete; for ductile iron water main