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Select Products has developed a line of linear actuators specifically engineered with the custom installer in mind. With sizes ranging from the extra-small but powerful ACT0004 4" model to the incredible ACT00018 18" super-long version (longest in the car audio industry), every possible ...


PHONE 800-526-2400 FAX 800-248-1460 www.lcn.ingersollrand.com 8/07 199 AUTOMATIC OPERATOR ACTUATORS & ACCESSORIES 8310 Series 4 1/2" Surface and Flush mounts A c t u a t o r s & A c c e s s o r i e s WALL MOUNTED ACTUATOR, 8310-856 Hardwired low voltage actuator with round, stainless steel touch ...


SENSORS AND ACTUATORS Computer controlled systems continually monitor the operating condition of today's vehicles. Through sensors, computers receive vital information about a number of conditions, allowing minor adjustments to be made far more quickly and accurately than mechanical systems.

• Actuators

51 Electrical Components • Sensors• Actuators • ECM• Glow Plug System 102ElEctrical componEnts 103104 Components Overview• The ECM uses information from the sensors to decide which commands to send to the actuators, and the glow plug system.

Actuators for Commercial HVACDampers

Greenheck Product Application Guide 2 Damper Application No. DA/101-02 install most actuators that might otherwise be furnished (and field installed) by a control specialist.

DSP Control of Electro-Hydraulic Servo Actuators

Application Report SPRAA76-January 2005 DSPControlof Electro-Hydraulic Servo Actuators Richard Poley..... DSP Field Applications ABSTRACT Hydraulic actuators are characterized by their ability to impart large ...

Multi-turn actuators

2 | Applications Power: Conventional powerplants (coal, gas, oil): Hydroelectric powerplants: Geothermal powerplants: Solar thermal powerplants: Biogas power plants Water sector: Sewage treatment plants: Water treatment plants: Drinking water distribution: Seawater desalination: Steel ...


page 339 11. ACTUATORS 11.1 INTRODUCTION Actuators Drive motions in mechanical systems. Most often this is by converting electrical energy into some form of mechanical motion. 11.2 SOLENOIDS Solenoids are the most common actuator components.

Actuator Limit Switch

Actuator Limit Switch Supplied Hall Effect or Reed type switches are for "home" sensing and over-travel protection only. They should not be used as position switches.

Electrak®Actuators and Controls

Electrak ® Actuators and Controls Trouble-free, reliable linear motion control. Design leadership . . . Warner Linear pioneered the development of ball bearing screw actuators for NC machine tools and jet aircraft landing gears, wing flap control, wing sweeps, thrust reversers . . . all the way ...