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Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter, ADC

ADC-HC11 12 The 68HC11 A/D Control Register, ADCTL The A/D control register, ADCTLis as shown in Table 2. A conversion begins by writing to this control register.

Chapter 9 Analog to Digital Conversion

Also, any time the ADCTL register is written to, a new conversion sequence begins immediately. Note that a conversion operation begins immediately after writing to the ADCTL register.

Analog and Digital Interfacing

5 ADC example using the lab board ◆ Acquire an analog voltage and send it back out a DAC port #define ADCTL *(unsigned char *)(0x1030) /* address for AD control/status register */ #define ADR1 *(unsigned char *)(0x1031) /* address for result register */ #define DAC *(unsigned char *)(0x8010 ...

Oscilloscope Lab Objectives :

Before you can use the A/D converter, it must be configured by writing the appropriate values to the two control registers “OPTIONS” and “ADCTL.”

Analog To Digital Converters

Successive-Approximation: Components (cont) z A/D Control/Status Register (ADCTL) - (cont) MULT = 0 MULT=1 SCAN = 0 Single Channel: One channel converted four times consecutively.

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AdIL-5-expressing and control adenoviral (AdCTL) constructs were pre pared as previously described (22). A dose of 0.5 10 8 PFU of AdIL-5 or AdCTL vector was diluted in 50 l of PBS and delivered in mice by

EE3170 - Fall '01 - Exam #3

Write the 68HC11 assembly language instructions required to place values in OPTION and ADCTL for this conversion. You can use ADCTL and OPTION as symbolic addresses and assume that the value is stored to OPTION sufficiently ahead of the store to ADCTL such that the A2D is already powered up. 28).

ASSIGNMENT 3: 68HC11 Beep Lab

The core functionality in the following code snippet: bset <OPTION,X,#0x80 ; set high bit of option -> turn on A/Ds loop: ldaa #0 ; select channel 0 staa ADCTL ; start conversion donelp: ldaa ADCTL bpl donelp ; if high bit set, it's done ...

117 dB, 48 kHz Audio A/D Converter

S/H S/H Voltage Reference Comparator Comparator VL+ VA+ ADCTL MCLKA LGND DAC DAC LP Filter LP Filter Calibration SR AM VD+ DGND SCLK Calibration Microcontroller DACTL Digital Decimation Filter SDATA AI NR-AGND AINL- VR EF AINL+ AINR+ Digital Decimation Filter VCOM CAL PDN S/M +-+-+-+-Serial Output Interface 2 7 6 9 14 13 16 15 19 18 17 12 11 22 23 ...

MC68HC11EA9 MC68HC711EA9

NOTE PROG mode is disabled in devices having the security feature. $102F R7/T7 R6/T6 R5/T5 R4/T4 R3/T3 R2/T2 R1/T1 R0/T0 SCDRL $1030 CCF 0 SCAN MULT CD CC CB CA ADCTL $1031 Bit 7 654321 Bit 0 ADR1 $1032 Bit 7 654321 Bit 0 ADR2 $1033 Bit 7 654321 Bit 0 ADR3 $1034 Bit 7 654321 Bit 0 ADR4 $1035 0 0 0 PTCONBPRT3 BPRT2 BPRT1 BPRT0 BPROT $1036 PLLON BCS ...