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Invest in Adjara

Dear Investor, The Autonomous Republic of Adjara is an im-portant Black Sea region of Georgia both in terms of its geopolitical location and dynamic economic growth.

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (MoHSA) of Adjara

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (MoHSA) of Adjara. Strategic Plan 2009-

investment oportunitiesin Batumi

investment oportunitiesin Batumi •Batumiisaseaside city on the Black Seacoast and is a capital of Adjara-autonomous republic in southwest Georgia.

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international organization for migration job counseling and referral center regional labour market survey in adjara report on the research conducted in september-october 2008 tbilisi 2009


It is currently supporting DOTS implementation in Tbilisi, the capital city, the port city of Poti, and Adjara region, and provides services to other regions of the country.

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Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) Development of Rural Tourism in the Adjara Region INTRODUCTION General overview of the situation in the country The background of social-economic problems characteristic to the countries in transition was further burdened by the events reported at the ...

USAID Agriculture Strategy: Linking Producers to Markets

The world's agriculture produces $1.3 trillion a year in food and fiber. Agriculture, forestry, and fishing account for one of every two jobs worldwide and seven of 10 jobs in sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, and the Pacific.


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TOURISM -SKI  Winter climate and Terrain in Adjara mountains suitable for skiing (over 2000 m high)  2 small scale skiing facilities opened in 2008  2 Major ski area explored and proved feasible with total 250 ha skiable terrain and 12 000 skier capacity.

DAI/SNG Final Report

Adjara AR staff training in the President's Administration. August 15 - August 19, 2005 From August 15 through August 19, thirteen staff members of the Executive Branch of Adjara Autonomous Republic received an internship by their counterparts in the Offices of the President's Administration.