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Recipes for Adjoint Code Construction

In meteorology and oceanography, combining a model with data isa crucial task. Several methods have been developed for data assimilation. Sequential methods put a model in a state which is, in general, not consistent with its dynamics.

A Monte Carlo method for solving unsteady adjoint equations

A Monte Carlo method for solving unsteady adjoint equations Qiqi Wan ga, *, David Gleich a, Amin Saberi a, Nasrollah Etemadi b, Parviz Moin b a Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, USA b Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford ...

What Is an Adjoint Model?

2577 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 1. Introduction During the last 10 years the use of adjoints in meteorology has been rapidly increasing.

Adjoint Error Estimation and Adaptive Refinement for Embedded ...

Section Cut Front View Figure 13. X-momentum adjoint variable on symmetry plane and front view of a section cut near tail (a) Top view of nose (b) Side view of tail Figure 14.

Fluid Control Using the Adjoint Method

Fluid Control Using the Adjoint Method Antoine McNamara University of Washington Adrien Treuille University of Washington Zoran Popovi · c University of Washington Jos Stam Alias Systems Figure1: Controlled simulations of a man running, created out of water (top) and smoke (bottom).

Session 14: Adjoint-Based Design Optimization

http://fun3d.larc.nasa.gov What to Expect •Cost of design optimization is very problem-dependent, but in general you can expect to spend ~10 times the cost of a flow solution to get reasonable improvements, depending on how "good" the baseline is •Generally see very rapid improvements ...

Ecient Construction of Discrete Adjoint Operators

Directdierentiation 2 and adjoint 3 approaches provide 2 G. W. Burgreenand O. Baysal, Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Using Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Methods, AIAA 93-3322,1993.

Minors, Cofactors, and the Adjoint

Microsoft Word - Cofactors.doc. Minors, Cofactors, and the Adjoint There are many useful applications of the determinant.

Self-Adjoint Operators

CHAPTER1 Self-Adjoint Operators We denote by H, h*, *iaseparable complex Hilbertspace, 1 by Da dense linear subspace of H, and by A an operator from Dto H.

Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis in MSC/NASTRAN

- 1 - Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis in MSC/NASTRAN Erwin H. Johnson The MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation 815 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90041 Abstract The Adjoint Method for sensitivity analysis can sometimes produce sensitivities at a fraction of the computer resources required by the ...