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Laparoscopic Splenectomy and Adrenalectomy

What is an adrenal gland? •There are two adrenal glands (one on the left and one on the right). They are small, triangular solid organs that are located on top of the kidneys.

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia What are the ill-effects of this disorder? Three main forms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) exist: the severe salt-wasting and non-salt wasting forms, and a milder form.

F-FDG PET in Characterizing Adrenal Lesions Detected on CT or MRI

18 F-FDG PET in Characterizing Adrenal Lesions Detected on CT or MRI Mijin Yun, Woojin Kim, Naheel Alnafisi, Lester Lacorte, Sunyoung Jang, and Abass Alavi

Adrenal Insufficiency Presenting as Hypercalcemia - Ganesh K ...

drenal insufficiency occurring in a patient in the surgical intensive care unit is not an unusu al event. 1 Prompt recognition and management of adrenal insufficiency are critical to patient


The American Ferret Association, Inc. PO Box 554 Frederick, MD 21705-0554 1-888-FERRET-1 afa@ferret.org www.ferret.org The American Ferret Association, Inc. 1 Adrenal Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism) 2/20/07 ADRENAL DISEASE (HYPERADRENOCORTICISM) Rene C. Gandolfi, DVM, DIPL.

Adrenal -Thyroid Diagnostics

Adrenal -Thyroid Diagnostics Dr. Nigel Abraham Scientific Director 08 th-10 th September 2009 "The adrenal glands are the glands of stress but are the first glands to fail under stressful conditions" (Hans Selye) "A large percentage of what we think of when we discuss stress related problems are ...

Adrenal Insufficiency: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Adrenal Insufficiency Page 1 of 3 Adrenal insufficiency: Hormone replacement therapy What is adrenal insufficiency? Adrenal insufficiency is a decrease in the hormones made by the adrenal glands (located on top of the kidneys).


Medical Information to Support the Decisions of TUECs ADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY 1 © WADA- World Anti-Doping Program Version 2 April 2011 ADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY (ADDISON'S DISEASE) 1.

ACS Surgery: Principles and Practice

Adrenal Incidentaloma Adrenal incidentalomas are the adrenal lesions most frequently referred to surgeons and are seen on 1% to 5% of all abdominal CT scans. 4 Practical, current recommendations for evaluation and management of patients with incidentally discovered adrenal lesions are available. 5 The most ...

Patient Information for Laparoscopic Adrenal Gland Removal ...

Patient Information published on: 03/2004 by the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) PATIENT INFORMATION FROM YOUR SURGEON & SAGES Laparoscopic Adrenal Gland Removal WHAT ARE THE ADRENAL GLANDS?