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2 THE CAUSES OF ADDISON'S AND RELATED AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES immune system starts attacking the body's own organs. Autoimmune adrenalitis now accounts for around 70% of all cases, and affects more women than men.

Adrenal insufficiency

Chronic primary adrenal insufficiency has a prevalence of 93-140 per million and an incidence of 4·7-6·2 per million in white populations. 1-4 These recent numbers are higher than those reported during the 1960s and 1970s, 5,6 despite a continuous decline in tuberculous adrenalitis in the developed world ...

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Hyperthyroidism This page and its contents are Copyright © 2012 the American Thyroid Association SYMPTOMS What are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism?

Adrenal Insufficiency

© Specialty Laboratories 2001 Adrenal Insuff 10/09/01 TN 1093 Adrenal Insufficiency Overview The majority of cases of chronic primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison disease) in the U.S. are caused by autoimmune adrenalitis.

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•Isolated Autoimmune Addison Disease Pathologic Changes in Autoimmune Adrenalitis •Gross: –Very small glands (1 - 1.5 grams) –Cortices markedly thinned

Chapter 5. Pathophysiologyof endocrinesystem (L.Zlatoˇs) - 5 ...

adrenalitis,theadrenalisthesoletargetoftheau toimmunereaction(isolatedautoimmuneadrenocor ticalinsufficiency),butintheremainder,otheren docrineglandsareconcomitantlyaffected.

Predisposing Factors for Adrenal Insufficiency

In addition, certain forms of autoimmune adrenalitis have hereditary components, either with an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance (autoimmune polyglandu-lar syndrome 1) or with an autosomal dominant pattern involving incomplete penetrance (autoimmune polyglandular syndrome 2).

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CURRENT CONCEPTS Volume 335 Number 16 * 1211 In patients with primary adrenal insufficiency caused by autoimmune adrenalitis or adrenomyelo-neuropathy, imaging of the adrenal glands is not necessary.


autoimmune adrenalitis has been documented as the commonest cause of primary adrenal insufficiency, 1, 9 this case is due to tuberculous adrenalitis.