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Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook--Chapter 7

USDA/FSIS Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook 3rd Edition/1998 7-1 CHAPTER 7. ISOLATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF AEROMONAS SPECIES FROM MEAT AND POULTRY PRODUCTS Bonnie E. Rose and Anita J. G. Okrend 7.1 Introduction Members of the genus Aeromonas typically are aquatic bacteria and sometime ...


26 AEROMONAS/Introduction the genus level is based on a series of simple bio chemical tests, although the tests and/or combinations of tests used are not universally accepted.

Aeromonas: Human Health Criteria Document

United States Office of Science March 2006 Environmental Protection Agency and Technology Washington, D.C. EPA Office of Water Aeromonas: Human Healh Criteria Document Prepared for Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water Office of Water Prepared by Health and Ecological Criteria Division ...


Aeromonas 1 Description Species of Aeromonas are Gram-negative, non-spore-forming, rod-shaped, facultatively anaerobic bacteria that occur ubiquitously and autochthonously in aquatic environments.

Diagnosis and Treatment of "Aeromonas hydrophila" Infection ...

AQUACULTURE EXTENSION Illinois -Indiana Sea Grant Program Sea Grant # IL-IN-SG-FS-91-2 Diagnosis and Treatment of "Aeromonas hydrophila" Infection of Fish LaDon Swann Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program Purdue University Introduction Aeromonas hydrophila causes disease in fish known as "Motile ...

Isolated from Aquatic Environments Using Phenotypic and ...

Aeromonas and Plesiomonas as food and waterborne pathogens. Int. J. Food Microbiol., 12: 303-311. 58. Warburton, D.W., J.K. McCormick and B. Bowen, 1994.

Aeromonas Infections 1

FA14 Aeromonas Infections 1 Ruth Francis-Floyd 2 1. This document is FA14, one of a series of the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida.

Aeromonas Bacterial Infections - Motile Aeromonad Septicemia

Bacterial infections, caused by motile members of the genus Aeromonas, are among the most common and troublesome dis eases of fish raised in ponds and

Aeromonas hydrophila

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Aeromonas Bacterial Infections - Motile Aeromonad Septicemia

Aeromonas Bacterial Infections Ñ Motile Aeromonad Septicemia Aeromonas Bacterial Infections - Motile Aeromonad Septicemia