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2011 Purdue Crop Cost & ReturnGuide

Table 1 (Continued) 8 Fuel used to dry crop to a safe moisture level for storage. For double-crop soybeans, the drying charge represents the drying of wheat in order to allow an earlier planting of soybeans. 9 Repairs are based on approximately 5-year-old machinery.

Considerations in Setting a Cash Rent

Considerations in Setting a Cash Rent Craig Dobbins Department of Agricultural Economics Purdue University August 11, 2008 Establishing an appropriate cash rental rate for a farm is difficult and is often influenced by several factors.

Prerequisites Notice

Prerequisites Notice PREREQUISITES (prereqs) - Being fulfilled by courses taken from colleges other than TAMU Beginning with Summer 2010 courses, if a student's record in HOWDY does not show the necessary prereqs or hour requirements for an AGEC class, the student must submit an official ...


THE ASIAN FINANCIAL CRISIS AND GLOBAL ADJUSTMENTS: IMPLICATIONS FOR US AGRICULTURE By WARWICKJ. MCKIBBIN, {ZHI WANG{and WILLIAM COYLE{{Australian National University and the Brookings Institution {United States Department of Agriculture This study investigates the impact of the recent Asian ...

Cash Leasing With Integrity

C ORNHUSKER E CONOMICS University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension March 9, 2011 Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources Department of Agricultural Economics http://agecon.unl.edu/cornhuskereconomics Cash Leasing With Integrity Market Report Yr Ago 4 Wks Ago 3/4/11 Livestock and Products ...

Alternative Approachesto Extend G T APto Biofuel Crop

Alternative Approaches to Extend GTAP to Biofuel Crops Authors: Woltjer, G., M. Banse, H. van Meijl, A. Tabeau April 2007 Paper submitted for the 10 th Annual GTAP Conference, Purdue University, Indiana, USA, June 7­9, 2007 LEI (Agricultural Economics ...

Custom Farm Work Rates

www.ag.ndsu.edu•1 EC-499 (Revised) North Dakota Farming Regions Dwight Aakre, Farm Management Economist Custom Farm Work Rates on North Dakota Farms, 2010, by North Dakota Farming Regions The U.S. Department of Agriculture's North Dakota Agricultural Statistics Service, Fargo, in cooperation ...

Agricultural Economics

2011-2012 Series College of Agriculture and School of Human Environmental Sciences The University of Kentucky is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate, masters, doctorate, and professional degrees.

Ma. Lucila A. Lapar, Jinyuan Liu,

0 55 th Annual AARES National Conference. Melbourne, Victoria. February 2011. Ma. Lucila A. Lapar, 1 Nguyen Ngoc Toan, 2 Chengyi Zou, 3 Jinyuan Liu, 4 Xianglin Li, 5 and Thomas Randolph 6

QuickBooks for  Agricultural Financial  Records  

3 QuickBooksfor Agricultural Financial Records 1 QuickBooks Pro 2010 Damona Doye, Extension Economist, and Lori Shipman, Extension Paraprofessional Introduction Accounting is by definition the recording of financial activities.