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Be Happy It's Adar by Linda Salvay

I have a crown, a septor, and ring, you know my name, (Ahashverosh), the King. (chorus) I am Hamalka in Hebrew we say; without me there just would be no Purim day.

1599 Geneva Bible

Esther The Argument Because of the diversity of names, whereby they used to name their Kings, and the supputation of years wherein the Hebrews and the Grecians do vary, diverse authors write diversely as touching this Ahashverosh, but it seemeth, Dan. 6:1 and 9:1 that he was Darius king of the ...

April 2004 - Nisan, Iyar 5764

If interested please call: Blima Firestone 905-738-3592 THE PURIM STORY (2004 VERSION) As told by Eli Rubenstein King Ahashverosh ruled over 127 provinces.from Oshawa to Oshkosh He sat on his throne in the city of Shushan.

A Purim Tale

DIRECTIONS: Dress up children as each of these characters. When their character's name is read, they should do [an action] and the audience should respond: Ahashverosh should sneeze: [Ahhh-khaash-verosh!] and the audience respond: [Bless you!]

Commentary on Esther - Keil

Keil and Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament First Next -> The Book of Esther Ch. 1. The Banquet of King Ahashverosh and the Divorce of Queen Vashti.

Ram's Horn Jan11 NL

Bigtan and Teresh met at an inn to discuss the overthrow of King Ahashverosh. They each ordered vodka on the rocks. Bigtan downed his and ordered another.

Get your eye patch! This year's Purim has a pirate theme

2- You may think that the name of the king was Ahashverosh, but we discovered his real name was King Xerxes and the real reason why he was called Ahashverosh was: a.


In Mordechai and Esther's case, their opposition was Haman and Ahashverosh's decree. Ahashverosh changed his mind, and Haman was hanged on a tree.

Purim and Shalach Manot (Sending Gifts/Baskets)

However, when Ahashverosh, the King of Shushan, gestured for Esther to come into his presence, this gesture of welcome set in motion the salvation of the Persian Jewish community.

Bet Knesset Hessed shel Emmet - MARK YOUR CALENDAR

The King of Persia, Ahashverosh, decided to have a feast. During the festivities, Ahashverosh summoned his queen, Vashti, to appear before him so that he could show off her beauty to his guests.