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Households' Willingness to Resettle and Preference to Forms ...

For resettled households from the civil aviation expansion project, unlike the Akaki's project, compensation was made for house construction including 250 square meters per household and some training about resettlement.

Urban water pollution and irrigated vegetable farming in ...

Additional supply comes from 20 major springs (10,000 m 3 day ­1) and the Akaki well system (~30,000 m 3 day ­1) (AAWSA, 2000) . Two major rivers flow through the city, namely Tinishu Akaki (Little Akaki) and Tiliku Akaki (Great Akaki) Rivers.

quTaisuri saubrebi - XI

akaki wereTlis saxelmwifo universiteti AKAKI TSERETELI STATE UNIVERSITY quTaisuri saubrebi - XI samecniero konferenciis masalebi eZRvneba stambolis qarTul savaneSi pirveli wignis gamocemidan 130 wlisTavs Kutaısı dıscussıons - XI Scientific conference materials Dedicated to the130 th ...

The status and effects of the Yamuna Action Plan (YAP)

The status and effects of the Yamuna Action Plan (YAP) Deepshikha Sharma and Arun Kansal, TERI University 1. Introduction In 1977-78, CPCB initiated a study to assess the status of pollution of Yamuna River over its 1200 km course.


... Team Leader, College of Education Ato Ezana Amdework Member, College of Social Sciences Dr. Fasil Assefa Member, Faculty of Science W/o Feruz Abdurahaman Member, College of Education Dr. Gezahegne Yirgu Member, Faculty of Science Col. Kebede Biru Member, Akaki Campus W/o ...

Urban sanitation and wastewater treatment in Addis Ababa  in ...

As can be seen in the sketch in Figure 3, the reservoirs supplying Addis are called Legadadi and Dire Dams (~30km Northeast of Add is) , Gafersa Dam (~20km Northwest of Addis) and the Akaki Wells (10km South of

Higashi Yamada, Tsutomu Kamei, Hiroki Shibata and Natsumi ...

Antimicrob. Agents Chemother.€1999, 43(3):514. Higashi Yamada, Tsutomu Kamei, Hiroki Shibata and Natsumi Chiaki Sano, Tatsuya Akaki, Satoshi Dekio, Yoshitaka


SCHOOL OF LAW LLM and LLD Degrees CONTENTS 1. General 2. Admission Requirements 3. The LLM Degree 4. The LLD Degree 5. Progress and Re-registration 6.

Akaki Well field

6 Organic pollution in Kebena river BH Date Tot. Coliform/100ml E. Coli/100ml BH6 23-12-04 16 16 EP4 23-12-04 1 1 BH6 13-01-04 89 89 BH14 23-12-04 1 1 BH12 23-12-04 1 1 Bacterial population in the well field EFFECTS ON HEALTH Impacts from industrial effluents: 1.

Pollutants of Concern

Assessment of the FINAL Lake Michigan Monitoring Inventory REPORT 69 9. Grand Calumet River Background The primary study area for this watershed was the Grand Calumet River/Indiana Harbor Canal Area of Concern.