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Fertilizer Management for Alfalfa

G1598 Fertilizer Management for Alfalfa David D. Tarkalson, Extension Soil Specialist and Charles A. Shapiro, Extension Soil Specialist Alfalfa is an important crop in Nebraska.

Alfalfa -Getting 10 Ton Yields March 2011

2 Wisconsin Alfalfa Yield and Persistence Project 2007 -2010 Summary 2007 -2010 Summary 1. Maintain Proper Soil pH and Fertility Ñ Proper fertilization: Ñ Allows for good stand establishment Ñ Promotes growth Ñ Increases yield and quality Ñ Improves winter hardiness and stand persistence Ñ ...

Market analysis of alfalfa hay: California case

Market Analysis of Alfalfa Hay: California Case Kazim Konyar Keith Knapp Factors influencing alfalfa hay markets are identified. Alfalfa hay acreage response, demand, and price forecasting models are developed and estimated for California, using econometric and time-series (ARIMA) techniques.

Fertilizer Guide: Alfalfa, Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon

1 FG 18 Reprinted January 2000 AlfalfaAlfalfaAlfalfaAlfalfaAlfalfa Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon E.H. Gardner, D.B. Hannaway, T.L. Jackson, and W.S. McGuire E. Hugh Gardner, Extension soil scientist emeritus; David B.


Alfalfa Dennis W. Hancock, Extension Forage Agronomist, Crop and Soil Sciences Department AT-A-GLANCE Adaptation: Entire state. Very drought tolerant.


ALFALFA: HAY, HAYLAGE, BALEAGE, AND OTHER NOVEL PRODUCTS Neal P. Martin, David R. Mertens, and Paul J. Weimer 1 ABSTRACT Alfalfa hay utilization by dairy cattle has expanded in western dairy states.

ALFALFA IRRIGATION Glenn E. Shewmaker1, James L. Wright2, and ...

ALFALFA IRRIGATION Glenn E. Shewmaker 1, James L. Wright 2, and Rick G. Allen 3 1 Extension Forage Specialist, Twin Falls Research and Extension Center, University of Idaho; 2 Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Lab, Kimberly, Idaho; 3 Professor of Water Resources ...

ALFALFA: BIOFUEL AND FEED Neal Martin and Hans Jung

4 ALFALFA: BIOFUEL AND FEED Neal Martin and Hans Jung 1 ABSTRACT Alfalfa hay is a major crop supporting Idaho’s dairy industry. Several cellulosic feedstocks will be

The Alfalfa Weevil in Utah

The Alfalfa Weevil in Utah Fact Sheet No. 58 January 1989 Edward W. Evans Extension Entomologist Introduction The alfalfa weevil is a major pest throughout Utah.