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RUNNING HEAD: Detecting Item Bias

Two differing test theories that yield unique information include Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory (Crocker & Algina, 1986; Sirotnik, 1987).

Constructing Indexes in Continuing Education:

The Thurstone scale is described by Babbie (pp. 166-167); and is referred to as the "Thurstone equal appearing interval scale" by Kerlinger (pp. 454-455). Crocker and Algina (pp. 50-55) describe stimulus-centered scaling where the unit of interest is

Reliability and Validity Issues in Research

Crocker and Algina (1986) provide a series of steps to follow when pursuing a construct validation study: 1) generate hypotheses of how the construct should relate to both other constructs of interest and relevant group differences, 2) choose a measure that adequately represents the construct of ...

Generalized Eta and Omega Squared Statistics: Measures of ...

Generalized Eta and Omega Squared Statistics: Measures of Effect Size for Some Common Research Designs Stephen Olejnik University of Georgia James Algina

Reliability and Validity - Amanda Jane Fairchild

Reliability and Validity . 8 . mind the intended use of your instrument when considering these circumstances and deciding how to use an instrument (Crocker & Algina, 1986; Mehrens & Lehman, 1991; Gregory, 1992).

Measures of Effect Size for Comparative Studies: Applications ...

242 OLEJNIKANDALGINA simply because ofalargesample size. This has prompted some to argue that tests of statistical significance are not generally useful (Carver, 1978,1993; Cohen, 1994; Hunter, 1997; Kirk, 1996; Schmidt, 1992).

Psychology 5-862

Week 10 Strategies of psychological measurement and their characteristic problems 11/10, 11/12 Item analysis for prediction. Constructing measuring instruments with classical test theory Readings: Crocker & Algina, ch. 4, 5, 14, 17, 19 Week 11 Constructing measuring instruments with item ...

EDF 7405 Advanced Quantitative Foundations of Educational ...

2 The sections of the Younger text are available at Target Copy. The Younger text and the Agresti and Finlay text are on reserve at the Education Library.


51 How HLM handles Missing Data HLM2 handles missing data at level-1 of the hierarchy as follows: Observations with missing data will be deleted using listwise deletion at either the MDM creation stage or when the analysis is run.


III Summary Genetic analyses of growth traits for the Simbra composite breed Candidate : Algina Maria Johanna Smith Study leader : Professor K. Dzama