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Almeco-TiNOX also has dIN EN 9001:2000 certification. This certificate confirms the excellent quality assurance standards at Almeco-TiNOX. Service and consulting Research and development Guarantees and certificates.

Absorber Coatings

being lost as infra-red radiation as it is in the case of a black coating. Over 90% of the incoming solar radiation energy can be used as heat. The ALMECO-TiNOX coatings are available on copper and aluminium substrates.

Pre-Anodized Aluminium

It is a material with a proven record of durability; Almeco has been producing pre-anodized strip for lighting since 1982 and there are reflectors made from the original Sacall products still in use today.


Data subject to change without prior notice ALMECO NV-SA Tel.: +32 (0)56 85.40.80 Fax: +32 (0)56 85.40.81 Royennestraat 51, rue de la Royenne E-mail: info@almeco.be B-7700 Moeskroen - Mouscron www.almeco.be 1.


Vega is Almeco's range of highly reflective aluminium with up to 98% or more total reflectance (DIN 5036-3 Integrating sphere). It is the result of a major technical development and investment project carried out by Almeco in 2006, which combines the proven quality of the bright anodizing ...

Canadian Light Source Inc. Vacuum Component Cleaning ...

... aluminum chambers is as follows and may be used: Spray with high pressure jet at 60 ºC with a 2% solution of Almeco 29™ (the alkaline detergent) ...

Product Overview Cleaners

P dip/us n n n n n n n n 60 90 9.2 P3-almeco 36 Basic ingredients: carbonates, borates and phosphates. High performance cleaning of aluminium parts. P spray/dip n n n n n n n n 50 90 9.4 P3-galvaclean 45 Basic ingredients: carbonates and phosphates.


Frosted turns colors. Just one more reason more designers turn to Plexiglas acrylic sheet. The light fantastic. Plexiglas Frosted sheet is UL listed.

Vega 98: a brilliant new opportunity

Vega 98: a brilliant new opportunity The Ultimate in Refl ection Lighting Australia is pleased to introduce the new range of ultra high refl ective aluminium from Almeco.


The detergent is ALMECO-18 (=P3-VR-580-17) manufactured by the Henkel corporation and is made up to a concentration of 20 g l-1 with ordinary water. 3.