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15 Classic Read-Alouds

15 Classic Read-Alouds Suggested by Kay Weisman in Book Links , July 2006 These titles "have proven popular as read-alouds for several generations of kids.

Interactive Read-Alouds

Interactive Read-Alouds The Author "With the amazing array ofquality children's literature available, we are selling ourselves and our children short ifwe settle for just any read-aloud.

Think Aloud Strategy

Research Base Think Aloud Strategy 1 DePaul Center for Urban Education Research Base Think Aloud Strategy Core Element Connections StructureBasis in ResearchRelevant Research Teachers and students use think aloud strategy for monitoring and improving comprehension.


greater phonemic awareness (phonics) than did children who were read to less often, and were almost twice as likely to score in the top 25 percent in reading readiness.

Literacy Survival Tips

The Read-Aloud Challenge: Read 5-7 Times a Day This sounds like a crazy idea, but it really works and students absolutely love it. Try reading aloud 5-7 times per day and choose the amount of time that works for you. ■ One of the read-aloud sessions is longer to build attention, comprehension, and stamina ...

Using Think-Alouds to Improve Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan

Using Think-Alouds to Improve Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan Estimated Lesson Time: One class period Overview: Studies have shown that the think-aloud strategy improves comprehension on tests.


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Purpose :

Think-aloud Procedures : Making predictions - students make predictions by using the chapter title or subheadings found within the chapter. Developing images - students get mental pictures of information found in the text.

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Reading aloud to children is one ofthe best ways to help them discover the joy ofreading. And it's never too early—or too late—to start. All children, even infants and teens, can benefit from listening to you read aloud.

Read-Aloud Activity

*Reader Notes and Book Summary This alphabet book is delivered as a pirate adventure. The pirates already have "R's," but this captain and crew are in search of capturing every letter of the alphabet.