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Effects of Daily Read-Alouds on Students' Sustained Silent ...

1 Volume 14, Number 2 June 5, 2011 ISSN 1099-839X Effects of Daily Read-Alouds on Students' Sustained Silent Reading Lauren A. Pegg Frederick J. Bartelheim University of Northern Colorado This action research project investigated the effects of daily teacher read-alouds on ...

Improving Comprehension With Think-Aloud Strategies

React To Think-alouds are also inexact reproductions of a person's actual thinking about reading; no one can thoroughly or accurately capture all of what he sees in his mind's eye.

Think Aloud Strategy

We found from our research that using think alouds works well for helping students develop an ability to monitor their reading comprehension and to employ fix-up strategies when they detect.

Read-Aloud Research

In addition, children that hear read-alouds have an increased positive attitude towards reading more so than those that do not hear read alouds.

Using Read Alouds in Today's Classrooms

Using Read Alouds in Today's Classrooms Read alouds benefit children of all ages and in all subjects Leadership Compass » Vol. 5, No. 3, Spring 2008 by Reba M. Wadsworth As the intimidating shadow of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) hovers over classrooms, new pressures are placed on building ...

Description and Rationale for the Think-aloud

One of the major instructional purposes for using Think-alouds is to model the use of reading comprehension processes and strategies for students; however, ...

Interactive Read-Alouds

Interactive Read-Alouds The Author "With the amazing array ofquality children's literature available, we are selling ourselves and our children short ifwe settle for just any read-aloud.

Purpose :

Purpose : To model for students the thought processes that take place when difficult material is read. When using think alouds, teachers verbalize their thoughts while they are reading orally.

Maximizing the effectiveness of reading aloud

Maximizing the effectiveness of read-alouds Given the pressures of accountability in today's school climate, it is essential that instructional time be spent wisely.

Literacy Strategies Think Aloud

˚ Literacy & Learning: Reading in the Content Areas • 10˚ Literacy Strategies Think Aloud The Think Aloud is a literacy strategy designed to help students monitor comprehension and direct their thinking as they work through the problem solving process.