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User'sGuidefortheamsmath Package (Version2.0)

The amsmath package also recognizes the following options which are nor-mallyselected (implicitly or explicitly) through the\documentclass command, and thus need not be repeated in the option list of the \usepackage{amsmath} statement.

The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List

The Comprehensive L A T E XSymbolList Scott Pakin<pakin@uiuc.edu> 8October 2002 Abstract This document lists 2590 symbols and the corresponding L A T E Xcommandsthat produce them.

The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List

S packages, viz. amssymb and/or amsmath. Notes below a table provide additional information about some or all the symbols in that table. One note that appears a few times in this document, particularly in Section 2, indicates that certain

Math symbols defined by LaTeX package«amsmath»

Math symbols defined by LaTeX package«amsmath» No. Text Math Macro Category Requirements Comments 0205F \: =\medspace (amsmath), MEDIUM MATHEMATICAL SP ACE, four-eighteenths of an em 020DB x⃛... x \dddot mathaccentamsmath =\DDDot (wrisym), COMBINING THREE DOTS ABOVE 020DC x⃜.... x \ddddot ...

Sample Paperfor the amsmathandlucidabr Packages Filename ...

Sample Paperfor the amsmathandlucidabr Packages Filename: lucida-amsmath.tex T E XUsersGroup&American Mathematical Society Version2.1,28 November 2005 1 Introduction This paper contains examples of various features from the widely usedamsmath package used with the Lucidamathfonts.

The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List

Table 29: AMS Log-like Symbols injlim\injlimlim! \varinjlim lim\varlimsup projlim\projlimlim\varliminflim \varprojlim Load the amsmath package to get these symbols.


ARCTANH Trigonometric Library Functions 7-24 September 3, 1996 DATAPLOT Reference Manual ARCTANH PURPOSE Compute the hyperbolic arctangent for a variable or parameter.

The ArtofLAT

Then enter the following into the file: The first section in this example is from T he Complete Manual of Typography, and the second is from T he T E Xbook. 1 \documentclass{article} 2 \usepackage{amsmath} 3 \begin{document} 4 \title{My First\LaTeX\Exercise} 5 \author{Helin Gai} 6 \maketitle,

The amsbsy package

The amsbsy package Frank Mittelbach Rainer Sch opf Michael Downes Version 1.2d, 1999/11/29 1 Introduction The package amsbsy, rst written in 1989, implements a few commands for


\usepackage{amsmath,amsthm,amssymb} a \aleph ℵ \alpha α \amalg ⨿ \And & \angle ∠ \approx ≈ \arccos arccos \arcsin arcsin \arctan arctan \arg arg \ast ∗ \asymp ≍ b \backprime 8 \backslash \ \barwedge Z \Bbbk k \beta β \beth i \big\Arrowvert w w \big\arrowvert   \big\bracevert ...