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Using the amsthm Pac kage

If the amsthm package is used with anon-AMS document class and with theamsmath package, amsthmmustbe loaded after amsmath,not be fore. Examples are given in the lethmtest.tex.

easy to understand. Further details on how to write

X and the amsmath package define the most common mathematical operators, including \lim, \sin, \min,etc. Inordertodefinenewones,the ams-math package provides the \DeclareMathOperator

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... by blank lines 3 Font packages mathptmx Times (New) Roman mathpazo Palatino helvet Helvetica 4 Linguistics packages gb4e linguistic examples and glosses 4 cgloss improvedglosses 5 qtree syntactic trees tikz-qtree fancier syntactic trees tipa IPA fonts OTtablx Optimality Theory tableaux 6 stmaryrd semantics brackets amsmath ...

Mathematics Properties

Mathematics Properties a = a If something is equal to its identical twin Reflexive Property a = b & b = a If something flipped sides of the equal sign Symmetric Property a = b, c = b so a = c If two items are equal to a third item, the two are equal Transitive Property a+b = b+a If you reversed ...

Explanatory note on the LaTeX thesis template

... beginning of the template file (template.tex), you will find: % LaTeX 2e \documentclass[ 12pt ]{ report } \usepackage{ thesis } \usepackage{ am smath,amssymb } \usepackage{ float,multicol,epsfig } If you are using LaTeX 2.09: % LaTeX 2e %\documentclass[12 pt]{report} %\usepackage{thesis} %\usepackage{amsmath ...

An Extensionofthe L X-Theorem Evironment∗

We would be happy if someone knowing and using amsmath would join the devel-opmentand maintenance of this style. 3.2.1 amsmath Compatibility withamsmath (end marks for math environments, and handling of labels in math environments) is provided in the option [amsmath], (i.e., if \usepackage{amsmath}is ...

REVT X4 Commandand Options Summary

Requires [amsmath]. Do not use\rm, \textrm, or\mbox. Some AMS-L AT E XCommands \begin{split} Split equations with alignment. \begin{multiline} Split equations without alignment. \begin{align} Equation groups with alignment. \begin{gather} Equation groups without alignment. \begin{subequations} Create an equation ...

Using the amsthm Package

In that case put a \qedherecommandat the place where the QED symbol should appear. \begin{proof}... \begin{equation} G(t)=L\gamma!\,t^{-\gamma}+t^{-\delta}\eta(t) \qedhere \end{equation} \end{proof} If the amsthm package is used with anon-AMS documentclassand with the amsmath package, amsthmmustbe loaded ...

Basic Formatting Tools

An example would be this paragraph. 3.1.3 amsmath —Nonbreaking dashes The amsmath package, extensively discussed in Chapter 8, also offers one com-mandforusewithin paragraphs.

The subfloat package - Abstract - Copyright

to the subequations environment of the amsmath package. But what is to do when both environments have to be nested? This case is handled in the next