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Papuaweb: Annotated Bibliography of Amungme People (UNCEN-ANU ...

Amungme Bibliography 12/8/2002 p. 1 AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR THE AMUNGME PEOPLE Compiled by Chris Ballard, Fredrik Sokoy, Alfons van Nunen and Matt Richards (Last modified, October 2000) Introduction This bibliography provides references to writings, principally on the Amungme community of ...

Indonesia Forum for Environment; 1997. xxxviii, 136 pp ...

1 Bibliography 1. Beanal, Tom. Amungme: Magaboarat Negel Jombei-Peibei. Jakarta: Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia / Indonesia Forum for Environment; 1997. xxxviii, 136 pp. + Foldout Map.


Amungme's daily food Food taboo/myths for pregnant women: • Kamoro: eating pelican head leads to child born handicapped, eating cassowary bird leads to babies' eyes to blink, eating turtle leads to infants' hand and feet to resemble that of a turtle's, consuming coconut leads to big babies ...


In an effort to improve our understanding as well as to aid cultural preservation, we have sponsored social, artistic, cultural, language and economic studies of the Amungme and Kamoro people.

Short History of West Papua

Freeport's mining operation in West Papua has destroyed this environment, which the Amungme and Kamoro hold sacred and subsist on. The mine has taken 120 meters off of the top of a sacred Amungme mountain.

Malaria Control Integrated Program in Papua, Indonesia

Malaria Control Integrated Program in Papua, Indonesia The Partnership of PT Freeport Indonesia and Amungme-Kamoro Community Development Institute Executive Summary This case study discusses a multilayered partnership to eradicate malaria in Papua, Indonesia.


He further alleged that Freeport engaged in cultural genocide by destroying the Amungme's habitat and religious symbols, thus forcing the Amungme to relocate.

Human Rights, Employment and Social Development of Papuan ...

These are Amungme, Kamoro, Dam al, Ekari, Dani, Moni, Nduga . 2 Of these seven tribes, two - Amungme and Kamoro - have the primary traditional rights to the land where the mine is located.

PT Freeport Indonesia

"When the earth was first created, it is believed that the Amungme people occupied land which was still swamp. The story goes that there was a mother with four children, two boys and two girls.They lived in the middle of the swamp where there was dry land.

PT Freeport

The new tariff scheme allows RSMM to better serve the Papuan sponsored community and improve the long-term sustainability of the hospital. 1 Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Amungme Kamoro (LPMAK), which means in English the Amungme and Kamoro Community Development Organization, is a nonprofit ...