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Plants, Reptiles and Mammals

They are Anapsids • By the Cretaceous some turtles were as large as any have ever been Synapsida in the Mesozoic • The "mammal-like reptiles" of the Permian and Triassic gave rise to the mammals in the Late Triassic • Modern mammalian groups did not begin to appear until the Cretaceous • Permian ...

Amniotes Amniote Advantages

Amniote skull structures Anapsids •Modern turtles, tortoises belong to an ancient lineage of reptiles, the stem group from which more advanced amniotes evolved Owenetta - lower Triassic anapsid from S. Africa Pareiasaur - upper Permian The earliest true turtles appear in the Triassic Pelycosaurs •Early ...

The Amniotic Egg

2 Anapsids (A) have no openings, or fenestrae , behind the eye socket. Synapsids (B) have a single fenestra, and diapsids (D) have two fenestrae.

Reptiles Geology 331 Paleontology

Review of Reptile Groups, all are Amniotes • Anapsids • Synapsids • Diapsids • Euryapsids

A. Cladistics

Of the modern reptiles only turtles are anapsids 2. Diapsid Skull - has holes in the temporal region a. Diapsid reptiles gave rise to lizards and snakes - they have a diapsid skull 1.

Life in the Mesozoic*

Mesozoic Reptiles* Synapsids* (Mammals) * Anapsids* (Turtles) * Diapsids* Lizards* & Snakes* Crocodiles* Pterosaurs* Marine* Reptiles* Dinosaurs* & Birds* Archosaurs* Archosaurs: Early Diapsids*

The Advantage of Being a Furball: Diversification of Mammals

... Expanded brain case Jaw contains only one bone Complex teeth Three ear bones Limited growth (stop growing at adulthood) Constant temperature Hair Pelycosaurs Among the earliest of the mammal-like reptiles were the pelycosaurs (evolved From anapsids by Early Permian) Retain sprawling posture of primitive Anapsids ...

GLY1101: Study Guide Nr. 3

The anapsids once consisted of many groups, many of which could be considered to have been quite successful until their extinction. Today, only one group of anapsids remains (Chelonia the turtles ), which truly could be called an evolutionary success story.

Mesozoic Geology Beginning of the Modern World

The Amniotes Classified based on skull structure Diapsids (Includes lizards, dinosaurs & birds)) Synapsids (Includes mammals) Anapsids (Includes turtles)

Fossil Reptiles of Great Britain

The amniotes split into three main lineages, the synapsids (mammal-like reptiles and ultimately, the mammals), the diapsids (early forms, dinosaurs, extinct marine reptiles, lizards, snakes, crocodilians and ultimately birds), and the anapsids (primitive groups and turtles).