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Focus: What do we know about Anansi?

Focus: Is Turtle getting tired while Anansi is doing all the work?

Anansi the Spider:

Dear Educator: We are scheduled for an Anansi the Spider: a West African Folktale videoconference with your group. You will need to do some preparation prior to the program.

Anansi Goes Fishing

Anansi Goes Fishing Live Oak Readalongs are protected by copyright. The components in Live Oak Readalongs may not be reproduced in any form by any means without prior written permission.

Anansi and Turtle

4 Anansi and Turtle retold by Mary Furlough On many of the Caribbean islands, Anansi the spider is portrayed as a trickster. Read this story about Anansi and the turtle.

Anansi and the Box of Stories

© Pat Perrin 2007 1 Anansi and the Box of Stories A WEST AFRICAN MYTH RETOLD BY PAT PERRIN O nce he got used to the whole thing, Anansi found it quite convenient to be a spider-man.


Cloverbuds ANANSI THE SPIDER Activity Plan - Between the Pages Series ACTas107 Project Skills: • Youth will identify three talents they have and how they can use these talents to help others.

Anansi: A Language Arts Twist to the Trickster

Anasi and the Talking Melon retold by Eric A. Kimmel 2. Large plastic spider from Lesson 1 3. Smaller different plastic spider 4. melon- optional 5. 8 ½ x 11 sheets of construction paper - optional (one for each student to be used as a cover for real and fantasy illustrations) 6. stapler - optional 7.


Pre-Kindergarten 1 of 6 © 2007 August House, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A NANSI AND THE T UG O ' W AR Outcome: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the story through listening, discussing and observing.

Tiger Story, Anansi Story

Tiger Story, Anansi Story Long ago, Tiger ruled the countryside as he was the strongest of all the animals. Everybody did what Tiger said. Everything was called whatever Tiger had named

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