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1 INTRODUCTION O RIGINS O F T HE A NANSI S TORY Storytellers are the keepers of the history of a people. In many cultures, storytellers were considered the most important people in the village.

Trickster Myths: The Embodiment of Ambiguities

11/18/2008 1 TRICKSTER MYTHS: THE EMBODIMENT OF AMBIGUITIES Chapter 5 TRICKSTERS' ROLE "Every culture needs what anthropologists call "the trickster," the person who is able to challenge the legitimacy of conventional wisdom and traditional pieties.

Ideas and Activities to Use with Anansi's Party Time

Before Reading: 1. Discuss the background of the Anansi stories. (see handout) 2. Explain to students that many different cultures have trickster tales that began as oral tales.

Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock Anansi and the Talking Melon ...

*Due to ever-changing school district party policies, many teachers have begun to host classroom harvest, pumpkin or spider parties for Halloween.


Kindergarten 1 of 10 A NANSI G OES TO L UNCH © 2007 August House, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Outcome: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the story through phonics, reading, writing, counting, drawing, role-playing, and public speaking.

Jamaica Anansi Stories

86. The Girls who Married the Devil 105 a. The Devil-husband 105 b. The Snake-husband 106 87. Bull as Bridegroom 108 a. Nancy 108 b. The Play-song 109 c. Gracie and Miles 110 88.


This lesson model is based on Text Talk, a research-based method developed by Isabel Beck and Margaret McKeown and described in Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction

Anansi the Spider -- Study Materials

OREGON SHADOW THEATRE P.O. Box 18181 Portland, OR 97218 Phone-(503) 282-2165 Fax-(503)249-9520 www.oregonshadowtheatre.com Anansi the Spider -- Study Materials "The Oregon Shadow Theatre team of Deb Chase and Mick Doherty… stretches the imagination … expands cross-cultural awareness."

nansi's Tricks of the Trade

Length of Lesson 45 minutes Instructional Video & Technology Mathica's Mathshop #3, Food for Thought (Extensions) Science is Elementary #6, Let's Explore Tools and Work (Extensions) Telling Tales #10, Anansi's Rescue from the River (Extensions) Animal Families #19, The Spider (Extensions) The ...

Activity Guide

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