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18 SOUTHWESTERN MEDICINE By Michael Blackman I n t e rve n t i o n a l R a d i o l o gy CAT SCANS • X-RAYS • ULT R A S O U N D or several years, says Judge Randolph Mason of F o rt Wo rth, the jury was still out on how doctors would treat his aneury s m .

Radiology Policies REV

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COMPLETE SE and Other SFA Trials

On the other hand, the FAST trial compared the use of the Luminexx nitinol self-expanding stent (Bard Peripheral Vascular, Tempe, AZ) to balloon angiop lasty for shorter SFA lesions and did not demonstrate any reduction in re stenosis with stenting (31.7% vs 38.6%, P = .38). 5 As such, there remains ...

00.44Procedure on Vessel Bifurcation Inpatient ICD-9-CM ...

A percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) is performed with stent insertion into the left circumflex. Successful stent deployment was achieved at the LAD/diagonal bifurcation by use of one stent in the LAD and PTCA of the diagonal.

Wisconsin Medical Journal 106#2

This area is usually easily approached surgically with a small incis ion and endarterectomy with or without patch angiop lasty. Surgical reconstruction has excellent long-term results with minimal surgical morbidity and mortality. 1 Percutaneous options for this region are limited due to the often ...

Cerebral proliferative angiopathy

We report a female with an atypical diffuse lobar cerebral proliferative angiop-athy (CPA). CASE A 39-years-old white female was admitted to our department presenting a chronic left, pulsatil, highly intense hemi-crania headache.

Failure of Primary Percutaneous Angioplasty and Stenting in ...

Two of our 5 patients showed progression of disease unrelated to the site of the angiop lasty or stent placement (1 in the posterior cerebral art ery and the other in the left M1 prior to cerebral revas-cularization).

Malpractice Issues in Radiology

He conc urred that he ha d offered an apology to the patient for"any inconvenience that she was to suffer"asaresultofthe complication, and he confirmed that he had told the patient that he would waive hi s charge for the angiop lasty.

PTA and Stenting of Extracranial VAS

Balloon angiop lasty with coronary balloon (B). Result after balloon angiop lasty: residual stenosis (C). Final result after coronary stent implantation (D).

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that traditionally has made angiop lasty more helpful to men than to women, according to an article in the journal Geriatrics . An angioplasty takes between one and two hours.