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Seed Plants II - Angiosperms

Seed Plants II - Angiosperms Characteristics of Angiosperms Eukaryotic Multi-celled (with cell walls composed of cellulose) Autotrophic Do have xylem and phloem Do produce seeds Do produce flowers and fruits The Groups of Angiosperms Monocots - leaves with parallel venation; flower parts in 3s ...

Angiosperms vs. Gymnosperms

No confirmed Jurassic angiosperm fossils Lanzendorf, J. 2000. Dinosaur Imagery : The Science of Lost Worlds and Jurassic Art


Topic #4: Angiosperm Adaptations REQUIREMENTS: Powerpoint presentations. Objectives 1. What is a pollination vector? Give examples. Discuss the relationship of vectors to floral evolution.


The endosperm in angiosperm seeds is a result of a rather unusual fertilization. The egg produced by the female is 1n, but it is surrounded by some other tissue (also 1n).


The derivation of angiosperm means seed in a box or case and is from the Greek words angio meaning box, case, or vessel and sperm meaning seed.

Angiosperms #3: fertilization, seed & fruit development

1 Angiosperms #3: fertilization, seed & fruit development Bio 1B Fall '08 Professor: Thomas Carlson 2 3 ANGIOSPERM LIFE CYCLE (Fig 30.10) Flowering Plant Flower Carpel (megasporophyll) Ovule (megasporangium) l l = Diploid precursor cell Megaspore Megagametophyte (7 cells with 8 nuclei) Egg with ...

Angiosperms-v2.3 (Spr '08)

However, angiosperm ovules unlike gymnosperm ovules, are completely isolated from the outside world by sporophytic tissue. Another difference between angiosperm and gymnosperm ovules is that those of angiosperms are attached to the placenta by a stalk called a funiculus. The ...

LIFE-CYCLES of the GREEN PLANTS Algae, Moss, Selaginella ...

LIFE-CYCLES of the GREEN PLANTS Algae, Moss, Selaginella, Fern, Gymnosperm, Angiosperm Green Algae life cycle: The haploid generation (on the left) produces gametes by mitosis.

Origin and Characteristics of the Angiosperms

M o s s e s F e r n s Why are there so many Angiosperm species? L7 S3 And an increase in mosses and ferns (canopy effects) C o n i f e r s Coevolution Angiosperms Angiosperms probably originated in the tropics West Gondwana, ...


1 ANGIOSPERM ANATOMY PROJECT Plant Biology (SC/BIOL 2010.04) Information: Bring a flowering plant (angiosperm) during your lab session for the Angiosperm Anatomy Project.