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Ankerberg, John, Glenn T. Stanton, and Erwin Lutzer. 2004. The truth about same sex marriage. Chattanooga, TN: Ankerberg Theological Research Institute.

Plaintiffs' Sur-Reply to Defendants' Memorandum Brief

Plaintiffs' Sur-Reply to Defendants' Memorandum Brief in Support of Defendants' Amended Motion For Summary Judgment 50208741v1 No. 2001-65993 THE LOCAL CHURCH, an unincorporated association, et al., Plaintiffs. vs. HARVEST HOUSE PUBLISHERS, an entity incorporated in Oregon and California; JOHN ANKERBERG, an ...

Jehovah’s Witnesses (The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society ...

Cited in John Ankerberg & John Weldon, Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions (Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1999), 143, 204. 5 You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth,1982, 63; Quoted in W. House, Charts, 156.

REVIEW ARTICLE Justification By Faith Alone

Among those mounting a well-reasoned scriptural attack on ECT were John Ankerberg and John Weldon in Protestants and Catholics: Do They Now Agree? 5 and John F. MacArthur in Reckless Faith: When the Church Loses Its Will to Discern . 6 As expected, those who were quickest to defend ECT were its promoters ...

TS 550C ▪ Religions in America SYLLABUS

Ankerberg, John. The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge . Chicago, IL: Moody Press, 1990. Ankerberg, John, and Weldon, John. Cult Watch: What You Need to Know About Spiritual Deception .


PART 1: CREATION AND THE BIBLE" A Matter of Days, Hugh Ross" The John Ankerberg Debate: Young-Earth vs. Old-Earth, Hugh Ross/Kent Hovind" Dual Revelation, Reasons To Believe docudrama" Galileo's Battle for the Heavens, PBS docudrama" Inherit the Wind (1960s version starring Spencer Tracy) PART 2 ...

Good Medicine

... CENTER FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH • Suruchi Mishra, Ph.D. Clinical Research Coordinator • Kavita Rajasekhar Clinical Research Coordinator • Francesca Valente Clinical Research Assistant • Jia Xu, Ph.D. Clinical Research Coordinator • CONSULTANTS • Melissa Altman-Traub, R.D. • Trulie Ankerberg ...


... Find Freedom in Christ (Pocock/Troxel) , 489-1996 _____, and Charles Mylander, The Christ-Centered Marriage (Troxel), 382-1997 _____, and Steve Russo, The Seduction of Our Children (Choun), 256-1992 Anderson, William H. U., Qoheleth and Its Pessimistic Theology (Zuck), 119-1998-1998 Ankerberg ...

NLT Study Bible

It is wonderful to find that the notes and layout are as clear as the NLT text. Dr. William Carl Ankerberg Senior Pastor, Whittier Area Community Church I am very impressed with the NLT Study Bible.


in 1989 by Rev. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon The book, “The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge: A Christina Perspective” in 1989 by Rev. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon, appears