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Annubar® Flowmeter Series

Product Data Sheet 00813-0100-4809, Rev DA October 2004 The Annubar Flowmeter Series www.rosemount.com •Industry leading integrated DP flowmeters are created when Annubar primary elements are packaged with Rosemount pressure transmitters •Improved performance with innovative measuring ...

Direct Mount Model 3095MFA Mass ProBar® in Steam Applications

Manual Supplement 00809-0300-4809, Rev AA September 2002 Annubar ® Flowmeter Series www.rosemount.com ¢00809-0300-4809 w¤ Direct Mount Model 3095MFA Mass ProBar ® in Steam Applications This supplement is provided to provide instructions on properly installing part number 53007-01(hose ...

Application Data

If the sensor outperformed the previous Annubar in a two-month trial, the original Verabar would be purchased along with others for the remaining ovens.


FIRE HYDRANTS, FIRE MAINS AND ASSOCIATED BOOSTER PUMPS Objective of the Essential Safety Measure: To provide fire fighting personnel with a supply of water for fire fighting purposes.

True Performance in Flow Measurement

Shutdown of the oven was required every two weeks to remove and clean a plugged Annubar sensor. Solution Because the Verabar is far less likely to plug than any other sensor, ...

Sources of error and uncertainty that are related to tube to ...

Annubar Flow Meter The Annubar flow meter is also an integrating pitot-type meter utilizing multiple impact ports and a static pressure port integrated into the tube.

Laboratory Airflow Controls Glossary

CONTROLS LABORATORY Laboratory Airflow Controls Glossary of Terms air transport delay ANNUBAR ...

Annubar Primary Element Flow Calculations

Reference Manual 485_FlowCalc.pdf June 2003 www.rosemount.com Rosemount 485 Annubar Flow Handbook Annubar fi Primary Element Flow Calculations ANNUBAR PRIMARY

Pitot Tube Selection and Sizing Guide

G-8 G Unsupported Probe Probe Probe Factor Length L Diameter (Pr) (inches) 3 ⁄ 8 " 0.185I.D.+ Wall + 1.25* 1 ⁄ 2 " 0.269I.D.+ Wall + 1.50* 3 ⁄ 4 " 0.372I.D.+ Wall + 1.56 1" 0.552I.D.+ Wall + 1.94 PITOT TUBE SELECTION AND SIZING GUIDE TABLE I vibration range outside your anticipated ...

Flow Measurement

Annubar. Annubar. Annubar. Output of the Transmitter ∆P. Square Root Extractor. Flow Loop with Square Root Extractor. Extractor at Low Inputs. Cutoff Relay.