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Measurement of Turbulent Flow Phenomena for the Lower Plenum ...

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The 285 Annubar® Primary Element Series

Reference Manual 00809-0100-4028, Rev AA October 2005 Rosemount 285 www.rosemount.com 285 Annubar Primary Element Series NOTICE Read this manual before working with the product.


Catalogue SA-2007 p. 35 Ed. 05-07 FLOW METER BAR TIPO ANNUBAR FLOW METER BAR TYPE ANNUBAR Flow meter bar The primary device of measurement more advanced for liquid, gas and steam.

Vortex Principle

Annubar Principle Annubar Principle Aisadvantages Annubar Principle: ...

Introductory Tour: Gas Flex

Flow Flex® will calculate flow rates for orifice meters and annubar® flow meters. Click on "Gas Input" in the main menu then "New Gas Analysis".

Raising the Bar for Primary Elements Differential flowmeters ...

consists of a 3051 pressure transmitter together with an Annubar primary element. Similarity the Mass P roBar marries the 3095MV multivariable pressure transmitter with the Annubar device. In

GOES HDR Transmitter

GOES HDR Transmitter DATA SHEET Description The Stevens GOES HDR (high-data rate) Transmitter, Model GHT, provides ready access to the GOES Data Collection System (DCS) for manufacturers and users of data loggers and sensors deployed in environmental data acquisition applications.

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Head type: orifice, venturi, flow nozzle, annubar- analysis and calculation. Area flow meter: Rotameter and Piston type. Mass flow meter: Coriolis, Thermal, Impeller type.


As manufactured by Annubar ANR-75, stainless steel. 2. Instrument connections shall be No.C-22. 3. 1/4" valves on 1-3/8" square head. 4. Valve rating shall be maximum 5,000 psi at 100 degrees F. 5.

FLOW METER PIPING REQUIREMENTS "Diameters" of straight pipe ...

... 4 4 4 Venturi Beta = 0.5 Up 4 4 4 Down 2 2 2 Beta = 0.7 Up 4 4 8 Down 2 2 4 Vortex Up 30 30 30 Down 5 5 5 Thermal Up 15 20 20 Down 5 5 5 Turbine Up 10 10 10 Down 5 5 5 Annubar Up 7 9 ...