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Application for Log Loader

Application for Antique License Plates Antique Automobile Antique Truck Antique Motorcycle Submit the completed application, and payment in the form of a personal check, money order or cashier s check, to your local

The Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum - :7am to 6pm

The Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum is excited to announce this year’s annual show in conjunction with The Great Oregon Steam-Up and is proud to host the 20

Running Gear Hay Wagon Ford Farm Wagon

Genuine automotive-type steering complete with king-pin and ball-thrust bearings; sturdy, positive, smooth-acting. Short-turn radius. 13 ft. to 18 ft. diameter turns, depending on wheel base, compared to 36 ft. to 42 ft. diameter by old type wagons.

An American Original: The First Patented Spinning Reel

An American Original: The First Patented Spinning Reel Steven K. Vernon and Vernon H. Kirby, Jr. Tossing a line, cord, or rope from the end of some kind of cylindrical line holder is probably an ancient idea.

The Treasure Mart

The South's Largest and Most Unusual Antique Area Antiques & Collectibles Chamblee's Antique Row District is the largest and most distinctive antiques destination in the Southeast! www.antiquerow.com The City of Chamblee Welcomes You!


EASTERN TOWNSHIPS ANTIQUE MACHINERY CLUB www.machinesdantan.com 1 Antique MACHINES MACHINES Eastern Townships Antique Machinery Club Winter 2009……………………………………….……..…....Volume 17 No ...

An Opulent Vichy

This once in a lifetime acquisition is truly an antique epigraph. $4250 Historic Johnny Gruelle Protytypes - possibly the most important offering in recent times for America cloth collectors is this documented pair of pre-Volland dolls handmade by Johnny Gruelle and family.

PennDOT Form MV-11

Check block below to indicate type of plate desired as defined on the reverse side of this form: ANTIQUE CLASSIC COLLECTIBLE ANTIQUE CLASSIC COLLECTIBLE The vehicle must be currently branded as a collectible vehicle or the vehicle must follow procedures as outlined in Form MV-426B.

McCormick-Deering Farmall Tractors and Equipmen r

What It Means to Farm with Farmalls The Farmall owner with his ready supply of ample power waits until the soil is ready to work up right. The result is better seedbeds and better yields actually with less time and expense because the soil is right to work.