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AF7021 — Vertical Mount Camera Display Unit (3.5")

AF7021 AF7021 — Vertical Mount Camera Display Unit (3.5") InVue Customer Service: North America 888.55-INVUE; Europe 31.23.8900150; Asia 65.6766.4844 www.invuesecurity.com PC0211 Rev. 10/08

User Manual

Thank you for buying a Samsung camera. This manual will guide you through using the camera, including capturing images, downloading images and using the application software.

Introducing Artis zee for Interventional Radiology.

The field of Interventional Radiology has never been more demanding. To enhance patient outcomes and remain on the cutting edge, you need a system that enables you to care with greater speed, efficiency, and precision.

TEL : (1) 201-902-0347 FAX : (1) 201-902-9342 40 SEAVIEW ...

6806-1998 samsung techwin co., ltd. optics & digital imaging division 145-3, sangdaewon 1-dong, jungwon-gu,sungnam-city, kyungki-do, korea 462-121

Streamlined workflow and outstanding image quality in the OR

Precise imaging and perfect visualization ARCADIS Varic features an optimally matched and fully digital 1K 2 imaging chain from image acquisition to viewing and archiving.

For the moments that move you.

www.finepix-x100.com FUJIFILM FinePix. More than you imagined.FUJIFILM FinePix. More than you imagined. c Ref.No.EB-1041E (SK・11・02・F2586・F9711) Printed in Japan 2011 FUJIFILM Corporation

ARCADIS Avantic High-end mobile imaging with a larger field ...

ARCA DIS Bridging the borders of the OR Discover the new generation of mobile C-arms from Siemens. ARCADIS® is more than just a new C-arm. ARCADIS is an entirely new generation of C-arm technology that marks the start of a new era in the OR, offering completely new possibilities.

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