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Predicting the Future

Inmost realistic situations, a risk averse person will report aprobabil-itydistribution that is flatter than her true beliefs as she tends to spread her bets among all possible outcomes.

Limitations of the Data

The first stage of amul-tistagesampleis the selection of aprobabil-itysampleoflarge groups of population members, referred to as primary sampling units (PSU's).

"Pen-and-ink textures for real-time rendering"

We generate TAM images by distributing stroke primitives according to aprobabil-itydensity function. This function is derived from the input image and varies depending on the TAM'sscaleand tone levels.

Discrete Random Variables

•Notational shortcuts: Notations such as"P (X=2)", "P (X 2)", "P (|X 2|1)", where X is a random variable, are, strictly speaking, mathematically nonsensical (since one applies aprobabil-ityfunctionP (...

Elementary Statistics: AStepbyStep

Allied military intelligence didn't 1know whether these bombs were fired at random or had a sophisticated aiming device. 1To determine the answer, they used a probability distribution called the Poisson l distribution. 1 This chapter explains the Poissondistributionaswellas the concepts of aprobabil ...


Let be aprobabil-ityspace. A flow of mappings is defined on the sample space such that (2) for. This flow is supposed to be-measurable, where is the collection ofBorelsetsonthe real line.

Koide MassFormula for Neutrinos

If we interpret asa matrix of coupling constants, 2 =1/2 is aprobabil-ity. Thus if the preons are to be spin 1/2 states, the P= (1+cos()) /2 rule for probabilities implies that the three coupled states are perpendicular, a situation that would be more natural for classical waves than quantum states.


Submitted to the Annals of Statistics ON BAYES'STHEOREM FOR IMPROPER MIXTURES By PeterMcCullag h ∗, and Han Han ∗ The University of Chicago Although Bayes'stheoremdemandsa prior that is aprobabil-itydistribution on the parameter space, the calculus associated with Bayes'stheorem sometimes ...

Condition monitoring and prognosis of utility scale wind turbines

That is, prognosis gives aprobabil-isticforecast that is specific to each machine, allowing a strategy that balances the risk of running a machine with damage indications against the lost revenue while waiting for maintenance.

Cryptographic Secure Pseudo-Random Bits Generation: The Blum ...

A truly random sequence or the output of the generator ini-tializedwitha random seed are given to the adversary, each with aprobabil-ityof1/2.