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AquaMaster Hosts AFMA Testing

May 2009 quaMaster's Quarterly Newsletter AquaMaster Hosts AFMA Testing The mission of the Aerator and Fountain Manufacturers Association, AFMA is to improve the practices and products used to maintain, enhance and beautify fresh water resources.

and AquaMaster™ Use in Roadside and Utility Management

17002001 ©2002 Monsanto Company Vegetation managers are usually prepared to answer questions about mowing or grooming when members of the community ask.

Weeds and WaterMeet

AquaMaster is effective in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, seeps, irrigation and drainage ditches, canals, reservoirs and similar sites. AquaMaster is highly effective on more than

Herbicide Information

Herbicide Information There are three herbicides approved for use in aquatic environments being considered for this project: AquaMaster ® by Monsanto, Rodeo ® by DOW Chemical, and HABITAT ® by BASF.

Use of Instructions

3 ELECTRICALINSTALLATION... 3.3.6MILConnector Input/Output (Option) - AquaMag™ x10 Pulse Ouput Compatibility Where an existing installation has been wired to operate from the x10 outputs of an AquaMag™, the wiring of the AquaMaster™ connector can be altered to suit, as shown in Fig. 3.14. 12 3 ...


AquaMaster ® will not be liable for, nor will it pay service call or labor charges incurred or expended with respect to this warranty. In the event the water supply being processed through this product contains bacterial iron, algae, sulphur, tannins, organic matter or other unusual substances ...

AquaMaster Technical Fact Sheet (2002)

AquaMaster ™ Technical Fact Sheet January 2002 Introduction AquaMaster™ herbicide - which consists of glyphosate isopropylamine salt (the active ingredient) and water - is a non-selective aquatic herbicide that controls emerged vegetation in and around bodies of fresh and salt water.

AM S 700, AM S 900,

to place the equipment under warranty, the warranty registration card must be completed and returned by the original owner to aquamaster ® within 30 days of installation.

AquaMaster™ RPP and RLLDPE

RLLDPE 24 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1.0 GENERAL 1.1 SCOPE OF WORK ECP produces reinforced linear low density polyethylene (RLLDPE) geomembrane fabric in 24 mil thickness.

US data sheet

www.elster. com AquaMaster ™ Electronic Water Meter Sizes: 5/8"-24" Materials of Constuction Lining 5/8"-1" PPS 11/2"-3" POM-C 4"-6" Chloro-Butyl Rubber 8"-24" EPDM End Connections 5/8" Brass3/4"NPSM Threaded 3/4" Brass1"NPSM Threaded 1" Brass 11/4"NPSM Threaded 11/2"-24" Stainless Steel ...