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araBAD (dual -/+)‡ araE (+) araFGH (+) araJ (+)

PurR purR (-) purB (-) Others (-) DHypoxanthine (CoR), guanine (CoR) and analogues 163-168 TrpR trpR (-) trpLEDCBA (-) Others (-) D L-tryptophan (CoR) 169,170 TyrR tyrR (-) aroF-tyrA (-) mtr (+) Others (-) U ATP + L-tyrosine ‡‡‡ (CoR, but Ind of mtr ) 171-173 *The first 34 systems are ...

The Arabinose Operon

The Arabinose Operon Dr. James Kaper jkaper@umaryland. edu •To understand the mechanism of autoregulation of AraC •To understand the DNA looping ... Soissonet al. 1997 Science 276:421-5 Regulation of the araBAD operon

In VivoInduction Kinetics of the Arabinose Promoters in ...

We also found that the expression of araFGH is more sensitive to catabolite repression but not to arabinose concentration than are araE and araBAD .

Nucleotide Sequence of the L-Arabinose Regulatory Region of ...

This segment includes the promoter for rightward araBAD transcription, p&&s, the promoter for leftward araC transcription, PC, and sites responsible for repression.

Tightly Controlled Bacterial Protein Expression

Figure 1 - Regulation of the araBAD promoter C C O 2 pBAD I 2 I 1 AraC dimer No transcription L-arabinose N N P c N N C C I 1 I 2 pBAD P c CAP Transcription

Homogeneous expression of the P

Fax: ›15106431228. e-mail: keasling! socrates.berkeley.edu 1 Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-1462, USA 2 Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA Genes placed under the control of the arabinose-inducible araBAD promoter ...

Conditional-Replication, Integration, Excision, and Retrieval ...

The DE( araBAD ) 567 and DE( rhaBAD ) 568 mutations correspond to the araBAD AH33 and rhaBAD LD78 alleles (14), respectively. The adjacent rrnB3 lacZ4787 mutations were previ-ouslycalled rrnB T14 lacZ WJ16 (14).

Solutions to the Genetics Practice Questions

Specifically, without arabinose, it binds and prevents RNAP access to the araBAD promoter—thus serving as a negative regulator of araBAD transcription.

Concert 96 Protein Screen

• To induce expression from the araBAD promoter, use L-arabinose (Lee, 1980; Lee et al., 1987). To modulate expression, simply vary the concentration of L-arabinose added.

Systematic knockout strains of Escherichia coli K-12

coli K-12] EMG2 rpoS (Am) rph-1 W1485 F + λ-rpoS (Am) rph-1 MG1655 F-λ-rph-1 BD792 F-λ-rpoS (Am) rph-1 BW25113 rrnB3 Δ lacZ4787 hsdR514 Δ ( araBAD ) 567 Δ ( rhaBAD ) 568 rph - 1 Step 1 Step 2 13 steps Design for construction of in-frame, single gene deletion mutants To isolate a set of E .