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Brandschutz in Parkhäusern und Tiefgaragen

AGV Aargauische Gebäudeversicherung Abteilung Brandschutz Januar 2008 Brandschutz in Parkhäusern und Tiefgaragen Merkblatt AGV Aargauische Gebäudeversicherung

geoNorge.no – The New Norwegian geoPortal

ministries and 20 of their agencies are involved in Arealis, either as data suppliers or as potential users of the information accessible through Arealis.

Can the Production Network Be the Testbed?

Building arealis-tic testbedishard because "real"networking takes place on closed, commercial switches and routers with spe-cialpurpose hardware.

Transactional Execution of Java Programs

Hence they are turning en masse to single-chip multiprocessors (CMPs) as arealis-tic path towards scalable performance for server, embedded, and even desktop platforms [22,20,34,5].

Revising Threshold Functions

Again, it is argued that this is arealis-tic requirement, as many complex concepts can only be hoped to be learned eciently if a reasonably good initial approximation is available.

Stable dynamic walking over uneven terrain

Introduction It has long been a goal of roboticiststo build arealis-tic humanoid robot. Clearly, one of the most fundamental abilities sucharobotmust have is to walk around its envi-ronmentinastable, efficient, and naturalistic manner.


In Grotscheletal. , the same authors report on arealis-tic model of the link connections in the global communication system of a ship, having 494 nodes and 1096 edges.

Phong Tessellation

Looking at Figures 1 and 2 for instance, using a high quality smooth surface representation for the faces would not make a significant difference in the interior part of the shaded images, as textures, Phongnormal interpolation and lighting already provide arealis-tic visual complexity.

Phonemic Coding Might Result From Sensory-Motor Coupling Dynamics

Using arealis-tic vowel articulatory synthesizer, we show that the inventories of vowels have striking similarities with human vowel systems. 1. The origins of phonemic coding and other related puzzling questions Human sound systems have very particular properties.