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Videoconferencing Applications in Courts

"Injustice Telecast: The Illegal Use of Closed-Circuit Television Arraignments and Bail Bond Hearings in Federal Court." 79 Iowa Law Review 175 (1993).

Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure

This amendment will codify Philips by explicitly giving a court the option of using video teleconferencing at arraignments, and will clarify that if video teleconferencing is used in arraignments, the procedure must conform to the requirements of Rule 43.

DE case study for pdf

In addition to being used for video arraignments and bail hearings, they are also used for warrant approval so police officers do not have to travel to the courthouse; the PD and AG Offices use them for teleconferencing; and courts have used them extensively for administrative purposes, as well as for ...

Criminal Court City of New York

Video Hospital Arraignments In 2007 Criminal Court implemented a pilot project in Manhattan Criminal Court that allows hospitalized defendants awaiting arraignment to appear before a judge by videoconference.

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This rule applies to preliminary hearings, bail reviews, arraignments, pretrial hearings, motions, trials and other dispositions. (2) Presence of the Public Defender.

CourtView - Public Access - Case Summary Page 2 of2 RICHARD.

Arraignments Date: 11/20/2009 Time: 1:00 pm Judge: HARRIS EPPS, DIANA Location: Courtroom C-b 11/20/2009 Event Resulted - Release Status: The following event: Traffic - Lockup Arraignments

at arraignment under the following

At this time and absent a showing of exceptional circumstances, the U.S. Magistrate Judges for this District have determined to accept waiver of appearance for arraignments on superseding indictments or informations only.


... Pro Se Dissolutions Commissioner/C Wednesday 1:00 Family Law Motions State Paternity Commissioner/C Commissioner/D Monday 9:30; Wednesday and Thursday 1:00 State telephonic hearing 2 nd /4 th Wednesday Juvenile Commissioner Special Sets DJJC - Courtroom 3 1 st Friday of Month 11:00 Juvenile Offender Arraignments ...


set for arraignment before the judge assigned to handle arraignments on the day of initial appearance. In the event the defendant enters a plea of