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Illustrator CS5 Academic Resource Center

Illustrator CS5 . Started in... Fig. 1 . Creating Shapes • Select the shape tool you wish to use. Click and drag on the artboard to create desired size and proportion of the shape.

Adobe Illustrator CS3 Read Me

Adobe ® Illustrator® CS3 Read Me Welcome to Adobe® Illustrator® CS3 software. This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and troubleshooting tips not covered in the Illustrator ® CS3 documentation.

Illustrator Q&A

If you want to make sure you don't place anything on your page that will fall outside your printer's imageable area, be sure you use the right printer driver and/or PPD for your printer, and keep your elements within the dotted lines on your artboard.

Saving and Printing Using PDF Distiller

Saving and Printing Using PDF Distiller The full version of Acrobat must be installed on your computer. The Acrobat Reader will not convert to PDF.

Adobe Illustrator 10 Getting Started

For example, to create an eye, click on Spiral, and drag it onto the Artboard or you can select Spiral, then click once on the Artboard, and define the spiral's parameters using the dialog box.

Adobe Illustrator Printing Guide

Tile Imageable Areas divides the artboard into as many sections as necessary to print all the artwork. To view the page tiling boundaries on the artboard, see the preview.

Drawing with the Pen tool The Pen tool is a powerful tool for ...

a new location anywhere on the artboard and notice that all the anchor points travel together, maintaining the zigzag path. 7 Deselect the zigzag path any one of these four ways:

Overview of Adobe Illustrator CS4 workspace

Each page in the document is surrounded by its own artboard, which represents the maximum printable area. Outside the artboard is the scratch area, on which you can create, edit, and store elements of artwork before moving them to the artboard.

To make the best use of the extensive drawing, painting, and ...

Artboard is bounded by solid lines and represents the entire region that can contain printable artwork. By default, the artboard is the same size as the page, but it

Adobe Illustrator CS2 Workshop

You can use the File > Document Setup window to change the measurements (pixels, mm, inches) used for the print area (called the Artboard in Illustrator), the size of the image, and printing orientation and other settings.