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Arthrology Presentation PDF

1 1 Arthrology: The Study of The Joints © Jim Swan These slides are from class presentations, reformatted for static viewing. The content contained in these pages is also in the Class Notes pages in a narrative format.

Veterinary Gross Anatomy

*Arthrology (Joint = Articulation = Union of two or more bones) Classification: *Fibrous*joints — immobile joints, united by fibrous tissue, may ossify with age.

ANAT 51210 Lectures 6 & 7

Arthrology page 1 of 4 ANAT 51210 Lectures 6 & 7 Fall 2011 Arthrology I. Components A. Bone B. Cartilage: hyaline and/or fibrocartilage C. Dense (aka, fibrous) connective tissue II.


Under which subdivision of systemic anatomy would information about joints and articulations be found? a. Arthrology. b. Pathology. c. Embryology.

Joints and Muscles - Classification of Joints by Movement ...

Lab Protocol I. Arthrology 1. Describe and give examples for joint types: synarthroses, amphiarthroses and diarthroses. 2. Relate the types of joints to their structure: fibrous, cartilaginous and synovial.


Jan 31 Oblique Cervical Vertebrae Trauma Handout Soft- tissue lateral Cervical spine Handout Feb 7 Osteology and Arthrology of the Cervical Spine Bontrager - pages 292 - 293; 296; 298; 300 - 305 Workbook Chapter 9 Osteology and Arthrology of the Thoracic Spine Bontrager - pages 294 - 295; 297; 299; 300 - 305 ...


anatomy of the head and neck including osteology, arthrology, nerve supply, angiology, muscles, and surface anatomy Normal physiology of muscles of the face, scalp, tongue, mastication, and neck.

Chapter 9 Joints - • 1 9-1 - Fibrous Joints

Arthrology = study of joints • Kinesiology = study of motion 9-2 Classification of Joints • Structural classification based upon: – presence of space between bones

Vertebral Column

4 Discs Arthrology z Two Components z Outer rim of fibrocartilage called the anulusfibrosus (attaches to cartilaginous end plate) z Connects vertebral bodies in a fibrocartilagino usjoint (no capsule, little motion) Arthrology z Anulusencloses a central mass called the nucleus pulposus z About ...

Effects of Upper Trunk Rotation on Shoulder Joint Torque ...

42 Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 2007; 23:42-51. © 2007 Human Kinetics, Inc. Effects of Upper Trunk Rotation on Shoulder Joint Torque Among Baseball Pitchers of Various Levels Arnel L. Aguinaldo, Janet Buttermore, and Henry Chambers Children's Hospital San Diego The authors are with the ...