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Crop Profile for Arugula in New Jersey

Crop Profile for Arugula in New Jersey Eruca sativa Miller Capparales: Brassicaceae Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC. Capparales: Brassicaceae General Production Information Yearly production: Approximately 200 acres. % of crop for fresh market: 100% % of crop grown for baby arugula market: 25% ...

Arugula (Rocket)

You've heard about pasta sauces that are so quick they can be prepared as the pasta cooks? This one is even easier. G ORGONZOLA B UTTERMILK P ASTA WITH A RUGULA 8 oz. farfalle or other small pasta 4oz.

Arugula: A Promising Specialty Leaf Vegetable

418 Reprinted from: Trends in new crops and new uses. 2002. J. Janick and A. Whipkey (eds.). ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA. Arugula: A Promising Specialty Leaf Vegetable Mario Morales and Jules Janick INTRODUCTION Arugula is a collective name for a number of species of the Brassicaceae with pungent ...

Vegetable Guide

ARUGULA Gardening tips provided by Jefferson Farm & Gardens Overview Arugula, both Eruca sativa (garden arugula) and Diplotaxis tenuifolia (wild arugula), is also known as rocket salad or roquette.

Salad Menu S PECIALE L A B OTTEGA- Fresh tomatoes, basil ...

INSALATA TRICOLORE - Radicchio, arugula, endive, olives, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic 8.50. RADICCHIO - Radicchio, Belgium endive , baby arugula, ...

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Arugula is no stranger to Italian restaurants, but even some of them are baffled by the rush to arugula, a peppery herb of the mustard family. "Why would we use that, with so many other options?"

Grilled Pizza with Fig Jam, Prosciutto, Blue Cheese, and Arugula

Grilled Pizza with Fig Jam, Prosciutto, Blue Cheese, and Arugula Inspired by a main-course salad that combined grilled figs with slivers of prosciutto and blue cheese on a bed of arugula, I came up with this great combination for a grilled pizza.

Impacts of undersowing clover and arugula on insect abundance ...

Organic farming research project report submitted to the Organic Farming Research Foundation: Project funding awareded Spring 2000. Project No. 00-17.

Arugula Seed

Arugula Seed Eruca sativa (Cruciferae Fast Facts: Description of crop: Arugula is a leafy green used in a manner similar to spinach. The seed crop is direct seeded in early April and harvested in early September of the same year.

Wild Mushroom Lasagna with Arugula Pesto

METHOD To prepare the mushroom filling:Combine the chopped mushrooms, vinegar, olive oil, and basil. Season to taste with salt and pepper. To prepare the ricotta filling: Combine the ricotta, spinach, vinegar, and garlic.